David Bowie

Post image for Gavel Gavel, Your Art’s a Success: David Bowie’s Collection Heads to Auction

We’ve heard his music and seen his own artworks, but the personal art collection of David Bowie has remained largely hidden from the public eye.

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Crimes of the Art

by Benjamin Sutton on May 17, 2016

Post image for Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: a psychedelic zebra sculpture was stolen and recovered, an arts organization shuttered following an embezzlement fiasco and lye attack, and vandals smashed a David Bowie painting.

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Post image for Rare 1974 Photos Capture Bowie’s Godlike Presence

Months after Bowie’s death at age 69, many never-before-published images of him are now compiled in Bowie: Photographs by Steve Schapiro (powerHouse), including photos from tours in 1976 and 1986.

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Bowie’s Last Role

by Lucas Fagen on March 19, 2016

Post image for Bowie’s Last Role

There’s never been an album quite like David Bowie’s “Blackstar” in rock & roll history.

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Post image for An Exhibition to Mark the Canonization of Saint Bowie

There has been a David Bowie-shaped void in the souls of many since January 10.

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David Bowie, Prettiest Star

by Lucas Fagen on January 23, 2016

Post image for David Bowie, Prettiest Star

David Bowie was a legendary art hero, a hot tramp and an honorary young American and a true somebody person. He was a gifted actor who injected every role he played with flamboyant electricity, and he was always playing a role.

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Post image for Hearing a Poignant Eulogy in David Bowie’s First Musical

The musical Lazarus, currently nearing the end of a sold-out run at the New York Theatre Workshop, is the closest we’ll get to a final David Bowie performance.

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Post image for David Bowie’s “Lazarus” Video Is a Haunting Farewell

“Look up here, I’m in heaven/I’ve got scars that can’t be seen,” sings a frail, blindfolded David Bowie from a hospital bed in his video for “Lazarus,” released four days before his death on January 10.

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Post image for Art Museum Oddity Betrays the Bowie-Curious

CHICAGO — This is not really a review of the exhibition David Bowie Is.

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David Bowie Is Everywhere

by Stephen Truax on August 18, 2014

'David Bowie' at Martin-Gropius-Bau

BERLIN — It was impossible, having been born in the 1980s, not to memorize David Bowie’s song with Queen, “Under Pressure” (1981), as well as Bowie’s first top-five hit, at age 22, “Space Oddity” (1969) — a song that went on to actually be the first played in space. But I never had a direct relationship with Bowie’s music, the way I did with some of his contemporaries.

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