Henry Darger

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Although he traced and painted and wrote in obscurity until the day he died, Henry Darger is, today, probably the best-known outsider artist in the world. In the past decade or so, the small space of his one-room Chicago apartment ceded to the spacious galleries of museums and art fairs, and Henry Darger — a man who kept mostly to himself, not quite reclusive but not incredibly social either — became the poster boy of outsider art.

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A post by my fellow editor Kyle Chayka got me thinking about the “outsider artist” designation and the different ways people define it.

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Still from

Does Wendy Vainity actually know what she’s doing? The 48-year-old native of Adelaide, Australia is one of the weirdest YouTube users I’ve ever come across, with a collection of homemade 3D animations that range from the surreal to the creepy to the outright bizarre and disturbing.

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