Jeff Koons

Post image for Tax Tips for Artists

T.S. Eliot’s claim that April is the cruelest month feels particularly true during tax season. Assuming you’re an artist in the United States who makes at least $10,000 a year, you may be scrambling to file your return before tomorrow’s deadline.

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Post image for Laboring Over Walead Beshty’s Bodies

LOS ANGELES — Walead Beshty’s solo exhibition at Regen Projects, Selected Bodies of Work, claims to “address bodies and labor as they are rendered visible in or on the art object.” Where and what are these bodies and labor?

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Post image for Sleepwalking Through Artistic Controversy

WELLESLEY, Mass. — A sculpture called “Sleepwalker” by the artist Tony Matelli, depicting a rather ordinary white man clad in just his underpants, arms outstretched, seemingly in search of a middle-of-the-night fix, lurches out into the Wellesley College campus space.

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Post image for Gagosian to Face Fraud Charge Over Sale of Koons Popeye

In a motion disposed on the 31st of January, New York State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Kapnick summarily dismissed all but one of six charges brought against international gallerist Larry Gagosian by the financier Ronald Perelman, Businessweek reported.

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Post image for Artists and NFL Quarterbacks: A Brief Guide

The 2014 Super Bowl, also known as Super Bowl XLVIII, will be held on Sunday, February 2 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. What’s that got to do with art? As it turns out, there are certain distinct parallels between the high-profile athletes who patrol the chalky gridiron and the art stars who exhibit in the chalky white enclaves that patrol the art world.

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Post image for What’s Up With “Shia LaBeouf”?

“Julian Schnabel , Jeff koons, Duchamp ect……”

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Post image for Moral Distortions: Versailles, Qatar, and Kings

With inadvertent timeliness, a retrospective of the world’s richest artist opened in one of the world’s richest cities in the middle of the run of Robert Polidori’s elegiac photography exhibition, Versailles.

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Post image for Why Jeff Koons Made Michael Jackson White

I still remember the ripples of titillation — occasionally marked by muffled, satisfied guffaws — that spread predictably through the art world when Jeff Koons first exhibited his shiny white and gold porcelain sculpture, “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” (1988) at Sonnabend in 1989. The sculpture was part of the series, Banality, which became a definitive step toward garnering the kind of attention Koons has always craved.

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Why Not to Work for Jeff Koons

by Kyle Petreycik on January 29, 2013

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At this very moment many young artists are endlessly scrolling through the job listings on New York Foundation for the Arts hoping to find anything that slightly resembles a paying job. Then it suddenly appears, a job listing by no other than Jeff Koons. I’ve always wondered why someone would ever want to work in Koon’s factory. Unless you have an undying love for painting photorealistic lobsters or would like to become an expert in polishing balloon dogs, what’s the point?

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Post image for The Poetic Justice of a Broken Koons

Visual puns don’t get much better than this. A little red dog balloon sculpture by the simultaneously celebrated and reviled artist Jeff Koons has finally gotten what it deserves. Damaged and missing a few limbs, it sits on a silver platter like the head of John the Baptist waiting to become the punch line for a joke. But this work is not the product of some overeager Columbia MFA student. It’s actually a total accident. And for the record, it’s no longer worth big bucks because of its damage. A totally worthless Koons?

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