John Berger

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Underlying Julian Barnes’s and John Berger’s respective new collections on art, Keeping an Eye Open and Portraits, is the notion that we’re still figuring out how to engage with and portray the past.

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The Inner Life of a Museum

by Sarah Cowan on July 25, 2013

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Jem Cohen’s new feature film, Museum Hours, unfolds like a series of postcards from a lonely traveler, fresh with the pressure of on-site writing while calculating that the memory will be received miles and days away. Shooting primarily in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, Cohen’s foreign camera seeks the familiar: the stony wrinkles around ancient Roman eyes, a clean white egg inside a still life, a child’s ill-fitting hat in one of Bruegel’s noisy marketplaces. Art, Cohen seems to say, is a refuge for the outsider.

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