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Post image for NASA Unveils the Strange Suit Designed for Its Mars Explorers

If NASA astronauts land on Mars, they might not look very human at all.

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Post image for Meet the Afronauts

In the 1960s, while the United States and the Soviet Union were playing out their battle of who would make it to the moon first and so dominate the galactic skies, a former high school teacher in Zambia decided his country needed a space program.

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Post image for The Celestographs: August Strindberg’s Alchemical Shots of the Night Sky

In the 1890s, Swedish playwright August Strindberg photographed the night sky without a camera or even a lens. These “Celestographs,” as he called them, were both a folly and an innovative work of experimental art.

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Post image for The History of Space Travel in 10 Objects

As our shuttles have gone into retirement and we look to the future of what space travel will mean for human exploration, there are plenty of artifacts left behind with which to examine the successes and failures of our journeying into beyond our atmosphere.

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Post image for New eBook Turns Space into a Tonal Universe for the Visually Impaired

A new eBook is aiming to make that starscape engaging for everyone, including the visually impaired.

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Post image for A Lost Constellation: The Great Printing Press in the Sky

While searching for Orion or the Great Dipper, it’s easy to forget that these constellations are just the arbitrary imaginations of astronomers drawing with stars. While Ptolemy referred to mythology for the classic constellations, later stargazers turned to their own visual culture. Up in the heavens, one 19th century astronomer even saw a printing press.

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Post image for 3D Photographs of Life on Mars, Taken by Robots

Now more than ever, it’s fascinating to look at the images we have from the Red Planet, and it just so happens that NASA has a whole collection in 3D.

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Post image for Scientists to Image Black Hole by Turning Earth into Giant Camera

The problem with trying to take a picture of a black hole is that it consumes everything, even the light around it. Now, a team of scientists is working to make the first image of a black hole by using telescopes around the world to look at its shadowy edge.

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The Man Who Ran Away With the Moon

by Allison Meier on December 19, 2013

Post image for The Man Who Ran Away With the Moon

In Russia in 2003, a man fell in love with the moon. Or that’s the story artist Leonid Tishkov presents in his Private Moon series, where he journeys around the Earth with his cosmic companion: a radiant, six-foot-tall crescent moon.

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Post image for Set Your Eyes on a Cosmic Collision with the Best Space Photos of the Year

Last week, an exhibition opened with the top photographs from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 competition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Centre in London.

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