Post image for Civil War Portraits of the Broken Bodies Sent Home

On the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Flickr Commons, portraits of wounded Civil War soldiers show the grim resilience, military pride, and shocked resignation in their faces.

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Post image for Rare Portraits of Kings and Commoners from 20th-Century Nigeria

For over five decades Chief Solomon Osagie Alonge photographed the royal court and everyday life of Benin, Nigeria. Drawing on their collection of over 2,000 glass plate and large format film negatives, as well as around 100 prints, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art is exhibiting some of his rarely seen photographs.

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E. Brady Robinson,

There is something fascinating about seeing the spaces in which creative people work. Not only for the simple interior-decoration voyeurism it affords, but also for the ways their desks, easels, drawing boards, dark rooms, workshops, and so on reflect the ways their minds function.

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Post image for Cats, Cans, and More Curiosities from Toy Camera History

The colorful history of toy cameras, those affordable film cameras in plastic boxes, is being celebrated in a new book.

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Post image for Japanese-Paraguayan Photographer Searches for a Homeland

Leaving one’s country to make a new life in another can be an isolating experience, but growing up as the child or grandchild of an immigrant can also be lonely in its own way. Photographer Ricardo Nagaoka knows this firsthand.

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Post image for A Tale of Motherhood in Julie Blackmon’s Playful Photographs

Fifteen years ago, photographer Julie Blackmon was exploring the basement of her Springfield, Missouri, home when she discovered an old dark room.

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Post image for An Excursion to the Past as You’ve Never Imagined It

With a mission to show that the past wasn’t always as we now envision it to be, Chris Wild’s Retronaut has been compiling curiosities of vintage photography and other archives online.

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Fifty Shrinks by Sebastian Zimmermann

“In contrast to other medical specialists’ offices with their practical equipment of examining tables and rolling tools, the therapist’s work space has few obvious demands beyond seating for clinician and patient,” psychiatrist and photographer Sebastian Zimmermann writes in an introduction to Fifty Shrinks.

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Photo Essays

Mundane Horror in Abandoned Stasi Spaces

by Allison Meier on September 23, 2014

Post image for Mundane Horror in Abandoned Stasi Spaces

As we creep up on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9, 1989), some of the remains of the oppressive Ministry for State Security, aka the Stasi, remain as if in their own time capsule.

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Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography by William A. Ewing

There’s never been much of a unified scene when it comes to capturing landscapes in art, but maybe more even than before artists are very experimental with how to show a stretch of space.

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