Post image for A Journal for Emerging Photography Endures in Print

Since it was founded in 2004 by photographer Sophie Mörner, Capricious magazine has been issuing contemporary photography narratives organized around broad themes.

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Remembering George Dureau

by John d'Addario on April 10, 2014

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NEW ORLEANS — When news of George Dureau’s death was announced by his gallery this past Monday afternoon, word traveled quickly among my extended circle of friends and professional acquaintances in New Orleans.

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Post image for Photographing Ancient Organisms Before They Disappear

Brooklyn-based photographer Rachel Sussman spent nearly a decade tracking down the elders of our world, where life is measured in centuries instead of years.

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Post image for The Celestographs: August Strindberg’s Alchemical Shots of the Night Sky

In the 1890s, Swedish playwright August Strindberg photographed the night sky without a camera or even a lens. These “Celestographs,” as he called them, were both a folly and an innovative work of experimental art.

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Post image for Darkroom Developer Trays as Portraits of the Artists

Disposable and deteriorated, the developer trays used by photographers are usually discarded.

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Post image for A Brutal and Beautiful Planet: The 2014 World Press Photo Winners

The 2014 World Press Photo contest awardees were announced today, with the winners for the major photojournalism prize showing both the wonder and violence of the past year.

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Post image for Morgan Library Debuts Photography Department

The Morgan Library and Museum has received much favorable attention in recent years for its drawings-focused and literary exhibitions. But in March 2012, the institution named Joel Smith its first ever curator of photography, and now, nearly two years later, it will open its first exhibition organized by the new department.

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Post image for The Dark, Deranged World of Roger Ballen and Die Antwoord

The dirty alchemy of photographer Roger Ballen in combination with frenetic rap-ravers Die Antwoord resulted in the video for “I Fink U Freeky” in 2012. Now a monograph distills the mix of the South African collaborators to its elements.

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Post image for Modernist Camouflage, Reconstructed

The general goal of camouflage is to be invisible. Back during World War I, however, hundreds of Allied ships went to battle painted in bright geometric designs that were anything but subtle.

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Post image for The Surprising Beauty of Dead Leaves and Rotting Fruit

There’s something to be said for an impeccable still life, a carefully composed scene of blooming flowers and ripe, luscious food. But there’s a reason that the form’s name in French is nature morte: things that don’t move are either inanimate or dead. A long tradition of beauty springs from the well of decay.

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