Post image for Questioning the Idea of Progress in an Exhibition on the Black Panthers

I’m looking at photographs of the Black Panthers: men in formation wearing black leather jackets, with buttons featuring Huey P. Newton’s image fixed to their lapels.

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Post image for The Secret Life of Infrastructure: Lynn Saville’s ‘Dark City’

Realism is the default mode for street photography — in New York, anyway — so it is impressive when a photographer transcends the genre by embracing the attributes and effects of a different approach.

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New Horizons in Road Trip Photography

by J.M. Martin on September 16, 2016

Post image for New Horizons in Road Trip Photography

MEMPHIS — The American tradition of road photography has typically captured a certain spirit of adventure, a search for unexpected beauty, oddity, maybe even enlightenment out there in the far corners of the country.

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Post image for The Photographer Who Shot Truman Capote’s Brooklyn

Before Truman Capote’s society girl Holly Golightly appeared in the November 1958 issue of Esquire, the author was in a heated argument with his editor over visuals.

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Post image for Picturing Conflict: An Interview with Michael Christopher Brown

In 2011, photographer Michael Christopher Brown took a “road trip” through the Libyan Revolution. His new book, Libyan Sugar, chronicles that extraordinary journey.

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Post image for Time Travel Along Fifth Avenue, with Photos from the Early 1900s and Today

In 1911, photographer Burton Welles published Fifth Avenue, New York, from Start to Finish.

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Post image for Photographing a Steinway Piano Being Put Together

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an example of the first 88-key piano model built by Steinway & Sons in 1868, its rosewood case containing an inventive cast-iron frame held aloft by three ornate legs.

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Post image for A History of Russia in a Massive Photo Archive

Prepare to get swept away in a stream of over 150 years of photographs capturing all sorts of scenes of Russian life.

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Acts of Cruelty Captured by Citizens

by Seph Rodney on August 22, 2016

Post image for Acts of Cruelty Captured by Citizens

New Documents at the Bronx Documentary Center is not necessarily the most conceptually elaborate exhibition, or the most aesthetically alluring, but it is the one show I’ve seen this year that makes crucial sense of our contemporary compulsion to document sociopolitical upheavals and state-sponsored violence.

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Danny Lyon’s Prescient Visions

by Anna Tome on August 6, 2016

Post image for Danny Lyon’s Prescient Visions

“We are frail flowers in the field,” wrote Danny Lyon, the politically active, compassionate photojournalist, after leaving New York for Bernalillo, New Mexico, in 1969.

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