Post image for A Woman Who Wielded a Camera Like a Brush

The multifaceted career of Swiss photographer Monique Jacot comes from her affiliation with a choice selection of 20th-century photographic endeavors. A current retrospective at Das Verborgene Museum, Reportages and Daydreams, Jacot’s first exhibition in Germany, reflects this diversity.

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Post image for After Outcry, Flickr Stops Selling Prints of Creative Commons Photos

In response to photographers’ criticisms, Flickr has stopped selling photos uploaded by users under the Creative Commons “commercial attribution” license through its Flickr Wall Art site.

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Post image for A Portrait of the 21st-Century Alps, Where Glaciers Retreat and Concrete Advances

The Alps today are different mountains from when the first 19th-century photographers hoisted heavy plate cameras up their craggy sides. Glaciers are in retreat, ski resorts are firmly lodged into slopes, and human infrastructure crawls back and forth steadily up their inclines.

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Photographers Expose Their Processes

by Allison Meier on December 10, 2014

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Some photographers take relentless notes in pocket journals, others share their discoveries in real time on Instagram. The two methods are different approaches to the contemporary photographic process, which is the subject of a new book, Photographers’ Sketchbooks, by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals.

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Photo Essays

Shooting Sites of Execution

by Laura C. Mallonee on December 10, 2014

Post image for Shooting Sites of Execution

In 2006, Britain’s Ministry of Defense officially pardoned 306 soldiers it had executed for cowardice or desertion during World War I. Photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews has embarked on her own photographic tribute to them.

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Post image for An Artist Residency Aboard a Cargo Ship

Fantasizing about an artist residency? It’s unlikely that vision includes a cargo ship. The enormous container carriers supply 90% of everything — from the food you eat to the clothes you buy — but they aren’t exactly, well, dreamboats.

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Post image for Portraits from Ellis Island’s Abandoned Immigrant Hospital

The Ellis Island hospital, which treated 1.2 million immigrant patients between 1901 and its abandonment in 1954, is once again open to the public. In conjunction with the reopening, the French street artist JR has installed paste ups of archival photographs throughout the building that give a historic, human context to the decrepit space.

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Photo Essays

The Art in the Stars

by Laura C. Mallonee on December 4, 2014

Post image for The Art in the Stars

People have been photographing the heavens ever since the invention of the daguerreotype. Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, and Minor White all, at one point or other, turned their cameras upward.

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Post image for Photographers Irked as Flickr Profits from Creative Commons Images

Yahoo’s recent move to sell prints of photos users have put on Flickr has sparked a backlash from many photographers who object to the company’s policy of taking all the profits from sales of images uploaded under the Creative Commons “commercial attribution” license.

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Post image for Canada Denies Travel Visa for Afghan Artist

The Canadian government has denied the Afghan artist Hanifa Alizada a visa to travel to the country, where she was due to speak and show her work at “The Shrinking World of Photography” symposium next month.

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