Post image for 11,000 Photos of the Apollo Lunar Missions Land on Flickr

When the Apollo astronauts traveled beyond the atmosphere and to the moon in the 1960s and ’70s, they carried Hasselblad cameras to document the NASA missions.

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Post image for A Reverential Close-up of Robert Frank Leaves Questions Unasked

In its day, Auguste Rodin’s now esteemed 1876 sculpture “The Bronze Age” roused the considerable ill will of art critics, most notably for the belief that it was cast from a live model.

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Post image for A Photographer Instagrams the Poorest Places in the US

This past summer photographer Matt Black covered 18,000 miles of the poorest places in the United States.

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Capturing the Ganges River through Foggy Mists

by Allison Meier on September 30, 2015

Post image for Capturing the Ganges River through Foggy Mists

New York-based photographer Caleb Cain Marcus traveled the 1,500 miles of the Ganges River, winding through India and Bangladesh and capturing life and landscapes around the river through fog and ethereal light.

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Post image for PETA Sues on Behalf of #MonkeySelfie Macaque

It’s the 21st century, and monkeys take selfies. But do they own the copyrights to those images? PETA says yes.

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Photo Essays

The Whimsical Forms of Soviet Bus Stops

by Claire Voon on September 23, 2015

Post image for The Whimsical Forms of Soviet Bus Stops

For over a decade, photographer Christopher Herwig travelled through 15 former Soviet countries on a scavenger hunt for one specific form of architecture: the common bus stop.

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Post image for A Guide to What Replaced the Avant-garde Spaces of 20th-Century New York

Which art hubs of 20th century New York City are now sterilized condos, and where does the creative spirit remain?

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Post image for Photos of Brooklyn’s Waterfront Show a Century of Change

The Brooklyn waterfront is radically changing.

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Post image for Superfund Stories and Photographs for America’s 1,300 Most Toxic Sites

There are over 1,300 Superfund sites across the United States, and Toxic Sites US is a photography, video, documentary, data, and storytelling project to humanize those statistics of pollution.

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Post image for In 1970s Japan, a New Art of Experiments, Edgy Photos, and Big Ideas

There are certain exhibitions in which some or many of the works on display are so interesting, provocative or well-made that they somehow manage to surmount whatever restrictive or overwrought critical-theoretical trappings their organizers have erected around them, defying the analytical filters through which they are meant to be considered and understood.

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