Salvador Dali

Post image for Dalí’s Doppelgängers and Ghosts

Salvador Dalí was named after his brother, who died in infancy, before Dalí was born.

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Post image for At Spring Masters, a Glimpse of Precious Artworks Before They Change Hands

The Spring Masters fair preview welcomed its visitors with vases full of fresh magnolias, live classical music, and platters of champagne.

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Post image for A 1944 Dalí Backdrop Gets Its Own Surreal Circus

The archives of the Metropolitan Opera can seem like some kind of pharaonic tomb, packed as they are with theatrical treasures.

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Post image for Math and Madness in a 1960s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ Illustrated by Dalí

In 1969, the Maecenas Press imprint of Random House published 2,700 copies of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, each chapter accompanied by one of 12 heliogravures by Salvador Dalí.

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Post image for Remembering Brian Sewell: The Master of the Operatic Put-Down Who Masturbated for Dalí

There’s little doubt that Brian Sewell (1931–2015) — who passed away on Saturday — was Britain’s best-known art critic.

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Post image for Slicing Up Eyeballs in a Surrealist Game

The startling 1929 surrealist silent film Un Chien Andalou made by Luis Buñuel in collaboration with Salvador Dalí is now a deeply unsettling video game.

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Artists Redraw Their Own Books

by Daniel Larkin on December 1, 2014

Post image for Artists Redraw Their Own Books

Some unique artist books are currently on view at Christie’s in New York.

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Post image for Dali, Warhol, and Pollock: This Is Your Life

A new graphic biography series launched last month with books that follow the lives of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Salvador Dalí in text and illustration.

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Post image for From Dalí to Leonardo on the Backs of Playing Cards

When Brazilian artist Sōnia Menna Barreto was a teenager in São Paulo, her mother used to stay up all night long playing cards with her friends. That memory sunk into Barreto’s consciousness, surfacing in a surreal series of trompe l’oeil paintings the artist has been creating over the last few years.

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Sleeping to Dream

by Laura C. Mallonee on May 13, 2014

Post image for Sleeping to Dream

Lucid dreaming — in which the dreamer becomes aware she is dreaming and can actively participate in and alter the narrative — has long been a source of fantastical imagery for artists, Salvador Dali being the most famous.

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