Post image for American Suburban Architecture and the 1980s Hardcore Bands It Housed

The Hardcore Architecture blog is using addresses to reveal, through Google Street View, the often mundane suburban architecture behind the ’80s underground scene.

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Post image for Why Be Ugly When U Can Be Beautiful?

A tribute to artist Mark Aguhar, a genderqueer pioneer.

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In Brief

See What the Artworks See

by Becca Rothfeld on January 16, 2015

Post image for See What the Artworks See

As museumgoers, we’re used to looking at art, but a new project from filmmaker and artist Masashi Kawamura inverses the traditional relationship of viewer to artwork.

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Post image for Women and Men Looking and Not Looking at Art

For better or for worse, visual art seems to be having a populist moment. On the “better” side of that situation is the fact that more people are taking the time to think about and engage with art; on the “worse” side is that for a number of those people, engaging with art means using it as a backdrop.

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Post image for Unearthed Photographs from National Geographic’s Archive

The arresting images that have thrived on the pages of National Geographic since 1888 are just a fraction of the photographs taken for the magazine.

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Post image for Glitch Expectations: A Conversation with Jon Cates

Describing the world of new media/glitch artist Jon Cates is a labyrinthine task. You might begin with his spontaneous and inventive word-language actions reminiscent of William Burroughs cut-ups; or the hypnotic .gif animations made from seemingly incongruous, discarded fragments of media; or perhaps his “dirty new media” aesthetic that brings to the surface the aberrations and raw imperfections that are typically verboten in “high-end” digital circles.

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Post image for A Compendium of Comic Maps

The best fiction often succeeds because its creator has constructed a convincing world. By that I don’t mean a place that seems realistic, but rather a world that’s believable because it’s been thought through — pages of notes, characters described down to their beauty marks, the relationships between them, their homes and towns mapped out.

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Post image for Will an Auction Help Convince People There’s a Market for New Media Art?

A digital art auction is seeking to bring the art and tech communities closer together, and it may help forge a market for digital art in the process.

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Why Did You Go to Art School?

by Jillian Steinhauer on September 18, 2013

Post image for Why Did You Go to Art School?

With college tuition costs in the US rising faster than inflation, the decision to go to art school is increasingly fraught. How do you know if the ends will justify the means? Is it worth it only if you have a scholarship? Why go to art school? That last question is the basis for a tumblelog called, appropriately, Why Did You Go to Art School?

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History Meets the Strangest Animated GIFs

by An Xiao on September 12, 2013

Post image for History Meets the Strangest Animated GIFs

We dare you not to be fascinated by the wacky and amazing animated GIFs of Kevin Weird.

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