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CHICAGO — The 58th installment of a series in which artists send in a photo and a description of their workspace. Want to take part? Submit your studio — just check out the submission guidelines.

Brantner DeAtley, Haydenville, Massachussetts (site)

My workspace is attached to a barn. In years past it was the blacksmith/farrier shop. I share the barn with a horse and two donkeys, one of which feels quite comfortable in the studio. This close proximity allows a free flow mixture of art and life.

K. Henderson, Weed, New Mexico (site)

I live in a small ranching community (population 32) in rural New Mexico. Our 45-acre ranchito is surrounded by a national forest. We live off the grid, producing our electricity with solar panels.

My studio (aka my Happy Place) is in a spare bedroom of my home. I love painting vintage toys and my messy studio is packed with them.

David Gerbstadt, Berwyn, Pennsylvania (site)

My studio is in the basement of my home. The photo shows just one corner of the studio set up for painting. There are six finished paintings against the pole and one on the floor. The two paintings on the easel are being worked on. All of the art is acrylic on wood or canvas. All finished paintings are done in less than a week.

The washing machine has stenciled painting, and there’s writing painted on the walls and door. There is a saw on the ground next to the washing machine. Paint is all over the floor.

David Forlano, Santa Fe, New Mexico (site)

There is an open loft work space directly above the area pictured where I do most of my jewelry work and cleaner table top drawing. I swap between working on the wall and working on the table surface or at various desk tops between both floors. My large table is on wheels so I can move it around the space and use it as a work surface or general studio dumping ground for things in process. I added levels under the top of the table to function as flat-file storage of supplies and work in process. Currently, I am preparing plates for printing small scale works on paper.

Donald Fortenberry, Pittsboro, North Carolina (site)

This is my current studio, on the second floor of my house — the “bonus” room, as it’s called. It’s absolutely perfect in every way. I have a drawing table on the side, out of the photo. I recently moved from Westchester Co., New York, and I’m adjusting to the new space and light that I have here.

Most days I work at the easel. However, if something is very large I’ll put it on on the adjacent wall.

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