Pedro Reyes introduces his “Baby Marx” project

In Fall 2013, Kadist Art Foundation established a new series of interviews with artists in Mexico City. As one of the most densely populated urban zones in the Americas, Mexico City’s contemporary art culture is vibrant and rapidly evolving. The growing collection of videos follows artists in their studios, homes, and on the street, documenting informal conversations and personal narratives.

This series includes multi-segment interviews with: Abraham Cruzvillegas and Pedro Reyes (conducted by Heidi Rabben), Pia Camil (conducted by Pete Belkin), and Carlos Amorales and Edgardo Aragon (conducted in Español by local curators Michele Fiedler and Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio).

Kadist encourages the contribution of the arts to society, conducting programs primarily with artists represented in its collection to promote their role as cultural agents. The collections and productions reflect the global scope of contemporary art, and its programs develop collaborations between Kadist’s local contexts (Paris, San Francisco) and artists, curators, and art institutions worldwide.

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