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Hey guys! Hope you’re having an awesome Tuesday. If not, I’m here to make it better: at Hyperallergic, we’re kicking off a Tuesday Video Column that gives you an art video to watch at least once a week. Got suggestions? Email Kyle [at] Hyperallergic [dot] com.

Everyone loves songs and singing, right? Especially during the holidays? Well, with this video conceptual artist John Baldessari sings his own carol, putting Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art to your favorite well-known tunes.

“Baldessari Sings LeWitt” is a video work from 1972 in which the artist goes through fellow conceptualist Lewitt’s 35 sentences on conceptual art. The video is half tongue-in-cheek jibe and half sincere tribute, remixing Lewitt’s self-seriousness and austerity into something fun for the whole family. I wonder what Lewitt thought?

Maybe he could’ve come up with a signature artwork-creating sentence for Baldessari: “Take a photograph, blot out areas with geometric shapes in primary colors.” Bam. Instant oeuvre.

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Kyle Chayka

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  1. Talk about damning with faint praise(psalm). Something is wrong with this child, repeats the same thing over and over hoping it to come true. And actually thinks he has something important to add to humanity. Delusion is not rational. But it is a prime ingredient, if not the only one, in contempt “art’.

    art collegai delenda est

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