Norway's new passport covers (Image courtesy of Neue)

Norway’s new passport covers (image courtesy of Neue)

Norwegians will soon have a wonderful reason to renew their passports. Just weeks after Norway’s central bank revealed its new, abstract currency, the National Police Directorate (NPD) announced that Neue Design Studio has won a competition to reimagine the country’s travel documents and identity cards. When implemented, the designs will remind Norwegian citizens that no matter where they travel, few destinations can rival the design savvy of their native land.

The NPD praised the simplicity of Neue Design Studio’s solution, which focuses on the Norwegian landscape. “The design is attractive and stylish, the colors are subtle and abstraction of landscape is exciting,” they wrote in a press release. Each passport’s cover is a different color depending on its type: coral for citizen, robin’s egg blue for diplomatic, and white for immigrant. The country’s crest is emblazoned in gold in the top left corner.

The passport’s inside pages feature simplified images of the country’s steep fjords and glistening mountaintops that reflect the country’s varied geography. Under UV light, ribbons flicker across the page to illustrate the Northern Lights — a natural phenomenon you can see most nights throughout the country. The same design graces the new identity card. “Nature has always been an essential part of the Norwegian identity and tradition, as well as being a key fundament for our welfare,” Neue Design Studio explained.

The inside of Norway’s new passport (image courtesy of Neue)

The decision to redesign the passports wasn’t purely aesthetic, though. With identity theft on the rise, officials wanted documents that are more secure. “Misuse of identity documents is a growing problem, said Annar Bohlin-Hansen, head of the Ideal program in the Police Department. “Our objective is greater penetration of secure identity documents that are easy to control. This will help to prevent and combat crime associated with the misuse of identity.”

With the U.S. facing similar problems, here’s hoping we can come up with an equally eye-pleasing solution.

The inside of Norway’s new passport under UV light (image courtesy of Neue)

Norway’s new ID card (image courtesy of Neue)

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