Now is the time! Illustration from "Workable plans for wide-awake churches" (1906) (image via Internet Archive Book Images)

“Now is the time!” Illustration from ‘Workable plans for wide-awake churches’ (1906) (image via Internet Archive Book Images)

The year is counting down its final days, and we’ll soon be halfway through the second decade of this century. How will you measure the next 365 days? Here are a few choices to set the tone for the coming year. Although you may be just as likely to glance at your phone, having a physical object to remind you of the finite nature of time might be the urgency you need for any New Year’s resolutions. Or it can just be some life-enhancing art for your walls.

NYC Freelance Art Handlers Calendar

Detail of NYC Freelance Art Handlers Calendar (via Etsy)

Showcasing the skills of 12 New York City contract art handlers, this calendar proclaims itself “like the FDNY firemen calendar, but with levels and nitrile gloves instead of axes and fire pants.” [Etsy, $15]

The Linear Calendar

The Linear Calendar (via Kickstarter)

Rather than parsing your life up into months, the Linear Calendar stretches out in one 72-inch timeline, so you can always see what’s lurking ahead. [Kickstarter, Starting at $22]


Typodarium (via Slanted)

The German-made Typodarium has a new font to rip off each day, with historic factoids, all presented in the respective style. [MoMA, $25]

Calendar of Obscure Holidays

Calendar of Obscure Holidays (via the Nib)

How else will you know when to celebrate National Accordion Awareness Month or the bleak Cubicle Day? The Nib’s Calendar of Obscure Holidays tracks these with playful illustrations by Erika Moen, Rich Stevens, Zach Weiner, and others. [The Nib, $17]

The Circular Calendar

The Circular Calendar (via

Designed by Sören Lachnit, the large Circular Calendar is a poster-style measure of time, but one that beautifully visualizes the possible hours of sun based on latitude throughout the year. [The Circular Calendar, ~$30]

El Time Machino: A Lunar Calendar

El Time Machino : A 2015 Lunar Calendar (via Tiny Showcase)

All 365 phases of the moon for the Northern Hemisphere are chronicled in the “El Time Machino: A 2015 Lunar Calendar” illustrated by Tyler Stout. It’s encircled with glow-in-the-dark adventures of a time machine, including dinosaurs and a trilobite. [Tiny Showcase, $30]

Buildings Of New York

Buildings Of New York (via Etsy)

Belgium-based illustrator Marieken Hensen has selected some iconic buildings of New York for a handscreened calendar. It includes big names like the Empire State Building, and lesser-known picks like the Elephant House at the Bronx Zoo. [Etsy, $31.82]

Matchbook Calendar

Matchbook Calendar (via Inkello)

For a tiny timepiece, the matchbook calendar is letterpress printed and comes in a few different colors. And there is a certain thrill of danger to paper products that resemble fire starters. [Inkello, $8]

MWM Graphics Calendar

MWM Graphics Calendar (via

Designed by Matt W. Moore, each month is interpreted in a “Vectorfunk” style, with each letter formation built up from colliding shapes and colors. [MWM Graphics, $39]

Nuclear Testing Calendar

Nuclear Testing Calendar (via Lulu)

Created by science historian Alex Wellerstein, the ominous nuclear testing calendar has anniversaries marked relating to nuclear history, along with startling photographs of mushroom clouds scanned by Los Alamos National Laboratory. As good a reminder as any that time should be a precious thing. [Lulu, $18.99]


Nude Artists as Pandas (via Art F City)

Finally, if nuclear milestones weren’t ominous enough about the future, here is a nude-artists-as-pandas calendar, which for reasons unclear shows artists, writers, and art dealers photographed by Rachel Stern nude and dressed like pandas. But it’s tax deductible and supports an art blog! [$50, Art F City]

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