The next time your parents and other denizens of the older generation criticize you for using too many emojis, you can scandalize them further by retorting that more emojis correlate with more sex. Or so report the latest batch of surveys: according to the site’s admittedly self-reported data, 64% of single men and 46% of single women who use more than one emoji in each message have sex at least once per month, compared with 26% and 13% for those who used no emojis at all and 43% and 37% for those who use emojis less frequently. Surprisingly, the underappreciated octopus emoji didn’t rank among the most commonly used symbols: most popular were the wink, smiley, and kiss, respectively.

Given the raw data, it’s difficult to say that the relationship between emoji use and a successful sex life is causal (though who wouldn’t fall for the smiling turd emoji?). As Jess Zimmerman of The Guardian points out, it’s more likely that the correlation recorded by tracks another underlying correlation: those who are more open to engaging in novel forms of communication are more likely to attract sexual partners. So before you throw a few octopus emoji into your next bootycall, try to change your mindset also.

Happy Valentine’s!

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