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In The Life Media, producers of In The Life, the longest running television show documenting the gay experience, have created Censoring Wojnarowicz, an exclusive online video exploring the controversy surrounding the removal of David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly” video installation from the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibition.

The web segment takes a look at Wojnarowicz’s anger as he faced death from AIDS and the outrage among conservative lawmakers and religious leaders at the inclusion of his work in the National Portrait Gallery. Censoring Wojnarowicz is presented as a follow-up to In The Life Media’s January 2011 Hidden Histories, an episode of In The Life that covered the opening of Hide/Seek and spoke with the artists, historians and curators involved in the show.

Watch Censoring Wojnarowicz and Hidden Histories both at, or find the online video embedded below.

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