The Mercer Gallery, a member of the SUNY Association of Museums and Galleries and the American Association of Museums, is please to present a Lifetime Achievement Exhibition by sculptor Elliott Arkin. The exhibition will include a curated selection of Arkin’s pivotal historical works as well as some never-seen-before sculptures from a new series of self-portraits.

Now in his sixth decade of producing work, Elliott Arkin’s art has explored and mixed conceptual and representational genres – often foreshadowing some of the era’s leading modalities in contemporary art and humor – while developing a uniquely original vision that has recently brought about a new evaluation and interest in his work.

“…What Arkin manages to do is miraculous: he takes familiar forms — clichés— and manages to make them unfamiliar. And even more spectacular, he takes fixed forms and puts them relentlessly, invisibly in motion. These figures, which seem so readily picked up, suddenly slip and slide, morph, move, and multiply. This movement is the movement of art, transforming the known into a new known. This is the movement of love, amplifying the play of things, of the world, embracing the complexity of it all. This is the movement of humor, the comedy of humanity that lives as form within a life that is liquid.”

Daniel Coffeen – An Emphatic Umph

A documentary DVD on the life and work of Elliott Arkin by curator/videographer Jason Flack is available from the exhibition. Full color catalogues from Elliott Arkin’s exhibition at the MAMAC museum are available from the exhibition.

An artist talk will be held on Thursday, September 17, at 4pm followed by an opening reception between 5–7pm.

For more information, email Mercer director Kathleen Farrell or exhibition curator Jason Flack.

Gallery Hours: Monday–Thursday, 11am–7pm | Friday 11am–4pm.

Elliott Arkin: Lifetime Achievement Exhibition continues at the Mercer Gallery (Monroe Community College/Brighton Campus, 1000 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York) through October 2.

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