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This week, celebrate the launch of everyone’s favorite (and the only?) sexy art handlers calendar, exchange your personal items for others’ at the New Museum, gaze at photographs of queer desire, and more.

 NYC Art Handlers Calendar 2016

When: Tuesday, December 15, 6–9pm
Where: Field Projects (526 W 26th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan)

“The FDNY Firemen are old news, the NYC Art Handlers are the hottest workers in town.”
The NYC Art Handlers Calendar is back! The must-have art gift of the season now comes with a bonus “13th month.” Grab a signed copy at tonight’s launch party or place an order on Etsy. The majority of the calendar’s proceeds will be donated towards relief from the Nepal earthquake, as well as to New York’s Bowery Mission—TM

 An Eco-Art Symphony

When: Tuesday, December 15, 6:30pm
Where: International Studio & Curatorial Program (1040 Metropolitan Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

In September I interviewed artist Aviva Rahmani about her impending attempt, along with a group of activists, to stop gas pipeline construction by creating an artwork on a patch of land and copyrighting it, thus pitting art’s moral rights against the pipeline company’s eminent domain. Unfortunately, the first area to be painted — the overture for Rahmani’s larger eco-symphony, Blued Trees — was destroyed by Spectra Corporation last month, in defiance of a cease-and-desist letter. Rahmani and the activists persevere, and tonight at ISCP the artist will perform the first three movements of the Blued Trees symphony. The second part includes a requiem for nearby NYC Superfund site Newtown Creek.

 Triangle Arts Benefit


When: Thursday, December 17, 6:30–8:30pm
Where: Lori Bookstein Fine Art (138 10th Avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan)

This is a pricey pick, I know, but it’s for a good cause! Join Triangle Arts Association — and Hyperallergic Editor-in-Chief Hrag Vartanian — for a night of drinks and discussion. Hrag will be joined by critics Karen Wilkin and Christina Kee; each of them will discuss the work of two significant contemporary artists. A ticket to the benefit also gets you a ticket for the raffle — whose prize is an artwork by Wayne Thiebaud — and as Triangle itself says, “Your donation will be instrumental in providing artists with space, time and unparalleled support to develop their practice.”

 Pia Camil’s Object Exchange

When: Thursday, December 17, 5–9pm
Where: New Museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

The New Museum’s solo exhibition of Mexico City artist Pia Camil doesn’t open until January, but on Thursday you can get a taste of things to come. Inspired by a Native American ceremonial gift-giving festival, Camil is building a sculptural installation that functions as a kind of store display system. Visitors are invited to bring in their own items — “of power, of aesthetic interest, and of poignancy” — and exchange them for others on display. The first iteration of the event, on Thursday night, will include an opportunity to trade a personal item for a limited-edition sweatshirt designed by Camil and Lorena Vega.

 Photographs of Performing Patients

When: Opens Thursday, December 17, 6–8pm
Where: Benrubi Gallery (521 W 26th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan)

Corinne May Botz’s work is often concerned with small details and artificiality, as in her photographs of doll-house murder-scene dioramas. In this new series of work, Bedside Manner, Botz turns her camera on the world of medical actors — who are trained to portray patients in order to help teach medical students — shooting them through two-way mirrors. The series continues Botz’s exploration of the uncanny and voyeuristic. —GSV

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 Venus Mythology & Virtual Reality

When: Thursday, December 17 doors, 9pm
Where: POWRPLNT (562 Evergreen Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Venus, Gazing” is a three-part multimedia performance blending voice, interactive video, and visual art. Using video and music processing software, New York hip-hop and post-punk musician XHOSA has collaborated with Hattie Ball to create a music video that responds to her live performance, her vocals tied to a rainbow of projections. Accompanying the debut will be a show of artworks by RAFIA and Terrell Davis exploring the “technofeminist gaze.” —VR

 A Medium of Desire

Matthew Morrocco, “Self-Portrait with Scott” (2012), inkjet print on paper (courtesy the artist) (click to enlarge)

When: Opens Friday, December 18, 6–8pm
Where: Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (26 Wooster Street, Soho, Manhattan)

Medium of Desire brings together an international group of queer photographers and video artists who deal with marginalized queer desire. These artworks, while unique to their places of origin, are linked by their depictions of gender, sexuality, and attraction, bridging cultural and ideological gaps in ways that can be understood regardless of the viewer’s sexuality. Artists include Catherine Opie, Greg Gorman, Hang Ren, and others, as the show pairs well-known practitioners with less-recognizable names. —GSV

 Motion Capture in Six Parts

When: Friday, December 18, 7:30–11pm (free with RSVP)
Where: MAGNET Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (NYU Tandon School of Engineering, 2 MetroTech Center, Downtown Brooklyn)

Spend Friday night playing around in a digital homage to Allan Kaprow’s 1959 performance “18 Happenings in Six Parts.” “Bodies in Motion is a collaboration between students in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and Tandon School of Engineering that consists of live motion-capture dance, virtual-reality installations, and participatory performances. As you travel through the different rooms and environments, you’ll engage with themes of surveillance, spectatorship, and interaction, as well as your emotions—VR

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With contributions by Tiernan Morgan, Victoria Reis, and Gabriella Santiago-Vancak

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