The Trump tombstone in Central Park (photo via @sachinrb/Instagram)

The Trump tombstone in Central Park (photo via @sachinrb/Instagram)

Donald Trump is dead. Or at least, that’s what one presumably left-leaning prankster wanted Central Park visitors to think over the weekend. As Gothamist first reported, an anonymous artist planted a large tombstone in a field near the Sheep Meadow — a stone’s throw from the Trump International Hotel and Tower — carved with the real estate mogul’s name, birth year, and the italicized epitaph, “MADE AMERICA HATE AGAIN.” A closer look, however, reveals that its maker purposely left out a date of death, perhaps implying that the Republican presidential nomination hopeful’s campaign is on its way to the grave.

Park officials clearly weren’t amused, as someone from the department swiftly removed the large stone last night. The person who erected it in the first place has not come forward to claim responsibility, but whoever he or she is likely sunk a lot of money into it, as the custom-made headstone resembles the standard granite ones that fill New York City’s crowded cemeteries and cost at least a few hundred dollars apiece. The erstwhile Trump gravestone is also actually quite beautifully made, despite its agenda, featuring ornate carvings of a cross surrounded by floral patterns.

Trump has yet to respond, likely because he is occupied with bragging about recent political wins, name-calling Ted Cruz, and boasting about how he alone will eradicate warfare.

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  1. I am heartened by the new editorial direction you are taking. WE need to make these connections between art making and marketing and the rest of society.

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