ArtCondo is a new real estate initiative run by and for artists that helps creative individuals purchase raw commercial workspaces and live/work lofts in a new way. ArtCondo gathers creative people together to form buying groups to leverage their collective buying power and cultural capital to purchase space collectively. Each building becomes a haven protecting artists and producers from future displacement, and connecting them to surrounding communities.

ArtCondo helps the people who have made NYC a global cultural capital, remain in New York City. Fine artists, gallery-owners, writers, dancers, non-profits, musicians, designers, architects, research scientists, teachers, artisans, and more are all invited to participate.

ArtCondo is a professional real-estate venture which is experimental, alternative and artist-driven. Learn more or discuss your specific situation and needs by signing up and attending one of the upcoming info sessions listed below.


  • Artist-owned Commercial Condos, Limited Equity Coops, Co-Housing, Community land trusts
  • Supports Local Neighborhoods and fights gentrification
  • S.E.E.D.I.N.G. Model
  • Fair Housing Advocate

Info sessions:
August 3, 7pm
September 7, 7pm

BOND Offices
853 Broadway, south of 14th Street
15th floor, large conference room
New York, NY 10003

Sign up for updates or to learn more about ArtCondo visit

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