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taisha paggett and Yann Novak (photos by Lisa Wahlander and Chris Wormald, via Facebook)

LOS ANGELES — This week’s events include a tour of the murals of Historic Filipinotown, an updated version of a 1970s game show, an anti-gentrification film screening, and more.

 Crushes & Seabands and Tummydrops

When: Friday, August 26, 7–10pm
Where: PSSST (1329 E. 3rd St., Boyle Heights, Los Angeles)

This Friday, nonprofit arts space PSSST presents a double feature of artists’ films. The first is the debut of Crushes by Paul Pescador, in anticipation of his solo show opening on September 3. The film combines hand-drawn animation with live-action sequences to convey a humorous and personal reflection on contemporary love. This will be followed by Seabands and Tummydrops, by artistic and curatorial duo Adler & Edmark, that explores visual poetry in the confines of a Mexico-bound cruise ship.

Paul Pescador, “Crushes” (via Facebook)

 Her Room

When: Friday, August 26, 7–10pm
Where: Junior High (5656 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles)

The domestic space can provide refuge from the fears, anxieties, and physical dangers of the world outside. Curated by Tyler Hicks and Alexandra Velasco and featuring multiple artists, Her Room is an immersive installation that aims to emulate a fantasy bedroom where reality is checked at the door. A percentage of sales will be donated to the American Refugee Committee.

 Gong Show

When: Saturday, August 27, 7pm
Where: Club Pro (1525 South Main St., Downtown, Los Angeles)

A far cry from today’s televised talent showcases, The Gong Show was a rough-around-the-edges cavalcade of the bizarre, the tacky, and the truly talentless. Molly Jo Shea has updated the show’s 1970s formula with an artistic angle, while keeping its irreverent attitude. This Saturday’s Gong Show: Club Pro Edition features performance artists, comedians, and musicians who will compete for the title of “Best,” “Worst,” “Cutest,” or “Scariest.” That is unless they receive the dreaded gong from the panel of esteemed judges: curator Santi Vernetti, founder Shelley Holcomb, and artist Jennifer Moon.

Gong Show: Club Pro edition (via Facebook)

 Mountain, Fire, Holding Still.

When: Saturday, August 27, 10am–8pm
Where: Getty Villa, Outer Peristyle (17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles)

The term “antiquity” usually conjures up images of toga-clad Greeks and Romans, but this Eurocentric view leaves out concurrent developments of other peoples around the world. “Mountain, Fire, Holding Still.” is a daylong durational performance by dancer and choreographer taisha paggett and sound artist Yann Novak that considers the concept of blackness in antiquity. Fittingly, the performance will be held in the outer peristyle of the Getty Villa, an impeccable recreation of a first-century AD Roman country house.

Angela Flores, “Life’s a Pit” (2004) (via Facebook)

 Anti-Gentrification Movie Series III

When: Saturday, August 27, 7–10pm
Where: Eastside Café (5469 Huntington Dr. N, El Sereno, Los Angeles)

LA’s Eastside is currently undergoing a struggle over gentrification that raises important questions about development, community, and, yes, art. The group El Sereno Against Gentrification will present the third installment of their Anti-gentrification Movie Series at Eastside Café featuring two different perspectives on the issue. The 2004 short documentary Life’s a Pit chronicles El Sereno’s backyard punk scene through a Xicana perspective, while Pom Poko, from famed Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, tells the story of a band of magical raccoon dogs that must protect their forest home from urban development.

Hidden Hi Fi (via

 Hidden Hi Fi: Art Alleys Celebration

When: Saturday, August 27, 12–3pm
Where: Gabba Gallery (3126 Beverly Blvd, Westlake, Los Angeles)

With over 100 murals lining its alleys, Historic Filipinotown has one of the highest concentrations of street art in Los Angeles. This Saturday, de LaB (Design East of La Brea), Gabba Gallery, and Hidden Hi Fi present a walking tour of the neighborhood, with Filipino ice cream served out of a heavily adorned jeepney to cool you down. The event is free, but please RVSP.

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