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The #J20 Art Strike is imminent and we’ve compiled a running list of spaces that will be closing for Inauguration Day. The Art Strike is intended as an act of solidarity with the broader slate of #J20 events and, as the movement’s site puts it, as a

tactic among others to combat the normalization of Trumpism — a toxic mix of white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, militarism, and oligarchic rule. Like any tactic, it is not an end in itself, but rather an intervention that will ramify into the future. It is not a strike against art, theater, or any other cultural form. It is an invitation to motivate these activities anew, to reimagine these spaces as places where resistant forms of thinking, seeing, feeling, and acting can be produced.

Since there are thousands of spaces across the country, we decided to start local and contact New York-area galleries, art nonprofits, and museums to see which would be closing. Below this list is another listing of those spaces organizing special programming for January 20, the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Editor’s Note: If you would like to be added to the list email tips@hyperallergic.com or comment below.

MUSEUMS [added 1/19/17]

Queens Museum

The museum is closing to host “Sign of the Times: Sign Making in Solidarity,” an afternoon to create material for upcoming marches and actions.

The following museums are not closing but are adjusting their admission policies:

Children’s Museum of the Arts (pay-what-you-wish)

The museum sent us the following statement:

Join Children‘s Museum of the Arts this Friday, January 20, 2017, for a celebration of free expression! If you see something, make something! CMA is offering its space to the community as a place to come together this Friday for reflection, support, and inspiration.

El Museo del Barrio (free)

Museum of Arts and Design (pay-what-you-wish)

“The Museum of Arts and Design has an unprecedented number of solo exhibitions on view by women artists across generations. In response to the call for the #J20 Art Strike, we have opted to remain open so these powerful works can be viewed by the public at a time when the topics present—from climate change to women’s issues—are very much at the forefront.” — Shannon R. Stratton, MAD’s William and Mildred Lasdon Chief Curator

Museum of Chinese in America (free admission)

Museum of the Moving Image (free admission)

New Museum (pay-what-you-wish)

Rubin Museum (free admission)

Whitney Museum (pay-what-you-wish)

The museum issued the following statement on its website:

On Friday, January 20, Inauguration Day, the Whitney is open on a pay-what-you-wish basis all day to affirm our commitment to open dialogue, civic engagement, and the diversity of American art and culture.

Throughout the day, the Museum is offering special programs, including “My America” guided tours; a speak out convened by the artist collective Occupy Museums; and open discussions moderated by artists, critics and Whitney staff. All of these programs are free.


A.I.R. [added 1/13/17]

“A.I.R. will be closed on Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st for the Women’s March.” — Jacqueline Ferrante, Director of Fellowship | Associate Director

College Art Association [added 1/19/17]:

CAA posted the following statement to its website:

CAA is taking part in the J20 Art Strike, an Act of Noncompliance on Inauguration Day. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience, but we consider this action important to take. This call concerns more than the art field. It is made in solidarity with the nation-wide demand that  on January 20 and beyond, business should not proceed as usual.

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts [added 1/18/17]:

In recognition of the J20 Strike, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts will host no events on January 20. Instead, EFA will join the Queens Museum to instruct and assist in risograph printing for their “Sign of the Times: Sign Making in Solidarity” afternoon of graphic materials production.

Eyebeam [added 1/19/17]:

“On January 20th, in solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike, Eyebeam will be closed to the public, Eyebeam staff will be on strike, and Eyebeam social media will go silent. We will continue, as always, to be open to our resident artists 24/7 for them to continue creating and organizing.” — David Borgonjon

First Street Gallery [added 01/14/17]:

“In solidarity with many other NY galleries, the exhibiting artist at First Street Gallery will not open on Friday, Jan 20th, Inauguration Day. Thanks again” —Tracy Collamore

FiveMyles [added 01/14/17]:

“Please add FiveMyles to the list of galleries closed on Inauguration Day.”

Interference Archive [added 1/19/17]:

The organization sent out an email with the following statement:

On January 20, 2017, we will be closed in solidarity with the General Strike. We will be open our regular hours on January 21 and 22 (12 to 5pm each day); please visit if you’d like a space to talk, read, or reflect during all the events of the coming days.

The Joan Mitchell Foundation [added 1/19/17]

Keith Haring Foundation [added 1/23/17]

The Kitchen [added 1/23/17]:

The art space issued an email that included the following line:

On January 20, The Kitchen building and gallery will be closed so that our staff can join dialogues with fellow institutions, colleagues, and artists. We hope you will join us.

No Longer Empty [added 01/13/17]:

“In solidarity with the calls for a #J20ARTSTRIKE, No Longer Empty will be spending time outside the office on January 20th strategizing to support youth leadership during these uncertain times. We will also be hitting the streets to support student walk-outs, benefits for civil rights organizations, and protests across our city.” —Rachel Gugelberger, Curator & Director of NLE Curatorial Lab

ODETTA [added 1/18/17]:

“ODETTA will be closed on Inauguration Day in solidarity with the J20 Art Strike. The gallery will be open on Sat the 21st with artist John Morton keeping our normal hours 1-6 while Director Ellen Fagan marches in NYC.” — Ellen Fagan

Pen + Brush [added 1/18/17]:

Pen + Brush will be closed Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st as we stand with countless other like-minded organizations in our refusal to be “business as usual”. Because it will not be business as usual.

Pioneer Works [added 1/19/17]:

The art space sent us the following statement:

Pioneer Works will host a March Prep Party on January 20 and will be closed on January 21 in support of marches locally and nationally … more information and language here .

Printed Matter [added 1/18/17]:

The organization announced, in an email, that it will close in solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike and provided the following list of actions and protests occurring on Friday and Saturday in Washington, D.C.:  #NotMyPresident#InaugurateTheResistanceSocialist Feminist Contingent: Protest Trump’s InaugurationWomen’s March on WashingtonNYC Stand Against TrumpBlack, Brown & Indigenous Mobilize Against White Nationalism; and Women’s March on New York.

Recess [added 1/18/17]:

The art space sent out the following email:

In solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike, Recess will be closed on Friday, January 20.
We will re-open on Saturday, January 21, as a site of refuge and resistance for those who cannot or who choose not to protest in the streets. We invite you to join us.

Smack Mellon:

“For twenty years, Smack Mellon has been committed to hosting and collaborating with under-represented voices. Leading up to our participation in the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday January 21st, and in solidarity with #J20ArtStrike and other movements across the country, we will be closed on Friday, January 20th. We will take this day to reflect on our public accountability and the role cultural institutions play in our democracy.” — Kathleen, Heather, and Eva at Smack Mellon

Triple Canopy [added 1/18/17]:

The organization sent us the following statement:

On January 20, Triple Canopy will join many friends, colleagues, and strangers in a strike to coincide with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the forty-fifth President of the United States. To combat the normalization of Trump and all he and his administration represent — white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, militarism, and oligarchy — magazines, museums, universities, theaters, and businesses around the country will shut down so that workers can take action as they see fit. For cultural organizations in particular, this is an occasion to consider how our work can affirm and enact the values that we profess. We implore you to engage in acts of resistance and support, by all available means, the most vulnerable among us.

White Columns:

The art space sent this out at the bottom of their exhibition email today:

Editor’s Note: This may indicate that all the institutions that are part of Common Practice New York, which is an advocacy group of small-scale arts organizations (and includes White Columns) in New York City, may also close. We will update this as we learn more.


33 Orchard [added 1/19/17]:

The gallery sent out an email with the following statement:
On Friday, January 20th, we’re standing in solidarity, no business as usual. The gallery will be closed.

Accola Griefen Gallery [added 1/18/17]:

The gallery sent out an email with the following statement:

Join us on Friday, January 20 in the #J20 ART STRIKE Saturday, January 21 for the Women’s March on Washington & the Women’s March on New York City. We recommend listening to https://wavefarm.org/wgxc/schedule/kr2313 on Friday, January 20 from 7pm to 9:30pm for Franklinsfarms Women’s March Spectacular. We appreciate the generosity of the artists who offer their graphics for printable posters at Just Seeds. See you in the streets!

Alexander & Bonin [added 1/14/17]:

“Alexander and Bonin will be closed on Jan 20 in support of the #J20Art Strike”

— Carolyn Alexander

Alexander Gray Associates:

The gallery sent out the following via email today:

“It’s definitely about solidarity with the artists who have called for this and the relationship with the broader J20 efforts,” gallerist Alexander Gray told Hyperallergic. “And you guys ran Coco Fusco’s piece and Coco’s one of the artists we have the pleasure of working with. How could we not be aligned? We are also hosting a book event for Gene Stone, who has written a book called The Trump Survival Guide, on next Thursday, the 19th. So the 19th is about how to deal with it, and Friday is deal with it, and Saturday is demonstrate.”

Andrew Kreps:

The gallery sent the following statement:

“Andrew Kreps Gallery will stand with artists, arts organizations, and other members of the art community in an act of non-compliance by closing the gallery on U.S. Inauguration Day, January 20th. While the gallery will reopen on Saturday, January 21st, we feel it important to encourage discussion in the gallery, and allow members of our staff to actively participate in subsequent events aligned with their own beliefs, such as the Women’s March on Washington. In our current political climate, we must now more than ever work to create platforms for dialogue both within, and outside our communities.”

Anita Shapolsky Gallery [added 1/23/17]:

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery stands in support of the J20 Art Strike and the Women’s March to Washington.

Axis Gallery [added 1/18/17]:

The gallery made the following announcement on Facebook:

Culture Strike, January 20th. Axis Gallery will close for the day.

Benrubi Gallery [added 1/19/17]:

“Benrubi Gallery will be participating in the J20 Art Strike as well as the Women’s March in D.C. and its Sister March in NYC. We support our fellow artists, art employees, and arts organizations as well as all our fellow Americans. We stand proudly in opposition of Trump and his cabinet and will therefore, be closed Friday, January 20 and Saturday, January 21.” — Lou Peralta

bitforms gallery:

“Participating in the J20 Art Strike is our cultural imperative. We do not condone Trump and his agenda, nor do we support his incoming cabinet members. We intend to combat the vitriolic hate engendered by the incoming administration through all available channels, encouraging members of the arts community and the nation at large to join us. The gallery will also be closed on Saturday, January 21 to further encourage participation in the Women’s March on NYC.” —Kerry Doran

Black Ball Projects [added 1/18/17]:

The gallery sent the following statement:

Black Ball Projects will be closed as part of #J20.

Blum & Poe [added 1/19/17]

The gallery sent out the following via email:

Sam Durant, “They Tried To Bury Us. They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds.” (2016), Electric sign with vinyl text, 71 x 74 inches, unique in a series: edition of 3

In solidarity with the J20 Art Strike, in an act of non-compliance, and in support of our staff members’ right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, Blum & Poe New York and Los Angeles will be closed on U.S. Inauguration Day, January 20.


The galleries will reopen on Saturday, January 21, with an upcoming topical public programming event in Los Angeles on the evening of Friday, January 27, presented by Sam Durant in conjunction with his exhibition Build Therefore Your Own World. Poets Will Alexander, Tisa Bryant, and Robin Coste Lewis will read new works of poetry, followed by Donal Fox performing his own single piano works. There is a suggested $10 donation to attend, all proceeds to Planned Parenthood. More information here.

Burning in Water [added 1/13/17]:

“In accordance with the broader #J20 Art Strike activities, Burning in Water gallery will be closed on January 20.” — Barry T. Malin


“Closing for the days seems like a good idea. I think it brings attention to the fact that there’s something to protest, that we’re all in agreement on that. I don’t think that it’s a huge sacrifice for us to make…We are actively talking amongst ourselves pretty regularly about what it is that we can do in protest and just getting more active in how we can be a place to support dialogue and artists getting together. It’s totally on our minds, and I know a lot of us have participated in a lot of benefits and other things that are going on. Everyone’s fucked up, we’re all in the same boat basically as anyone else trying to figure out how we can contribute and feeling guilty that it’s too little too late, in a way. We should have been doing this all last year…we don’t really have the answer but we’re trying to join in when we can and try to offer some things here. And if this is something we can join in on of course we’ll join in.” — Sarah Braman

Cheim & Read:

January 20 is a very complicated day and an intensely personal one for many. Some galleries will close, others won’t. The Art Strike should not be seen as divisive. Our decision to close was to show support of the artists behind the movement.” —Adam Sheffer

The Cluster Gallery [added 1/19/17]

Cristin Tierney Gallery [added 1/19/17]:

“In solidarity with the J20 strike, Cristin Tierney Gallery will be closed on January 20, 2017. The gallery will reopen onSaturday, January 21st with a new exhibition entitled peter campus, circa 1987. We feel that this is a moment to reaffirm the values we hold dear. Let’s put our money where our mouths are. It is vitally important to stand proudly and loudly behind our artists and the broader creative class, and we urge others to do the same.” — Cristin Tierney

Danese/Corey [added 1/18/17]:

The gallery sent the following statement:

Danese/Corey will be closed Friday, January 20 in solidarity with our colleagues, artists and other arts organizations participating in the #J20 Artstrike. We feel it is critical to protest the proposed policies of the incoming administration that imperil the very tenets of our democracy.

David & Schweitzer [added 01/15/17]:

“In solidarity with J20, and in support of those going to the March on Saturday, Fran O’Neill and DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary have decided to move Fran’s opening reception for her show from Friday night (January 20th) to Thursday night (January 19th). We have Goodie Bags, with hand warmers and energy bars, for those going to D.C.. We welcome contributions of useful items for marchers to be brought to, and distributed at, Thursday night’s reception.” —Keith Schweitzer, DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary, Owner/Director

Dillon + Lee [added 1/18/17]:

Dillon + Lee will be closing on January 20 and 21

DM Contemporary [added 01/14/17]:

“In solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike, DM Contemporary will be closed on January 20th. For this reason, the opening of our new show, Warm Up, Chill Down, Thaw Out, has been moved to January 19th. —Doris Mukabaa Marksohn, Director

Essex Street:

“Absolutely we will be closed. We’re opening a show the day before the inauguration, which is kind of an anti-inauguration exhibition, and it will open a new space of ours. It’s a very political exhibition. and then the next day we will be closed.” — Maxwell Graham

Field Projects [added 1/19/17]:

“We will be closed Friday January 20th in protest of the inauguration of a man who embodies everything wrong in our society.” — Jacob Rhodes

Foxy Production [added 1/14/17]:

“Foxy Production will be closed and altering its homepage on January 20. #J20ArtStrike. Thank you.” —Michael

Francis M. Naumann Fine Art [added 1/17/17]:

 “Trump’s unstable personality and increasingly erratic behavior are the equivalent of a time bomb, one that because of his position as spokesman for the largest democracy on the planet, is the political equivalent of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs … In fighting back, we must do what he does and double-down, peacefully but assertively supporting anyone who objects to this monster of ineptitude being placed in such a dangerous position.” — Francis M. Naumann

Fresh Window [added 1/17/17]:

The gallery sent out the following via email:

Fresh Window will be closed on Friday January 20

Garth Greenan Gallery [added 1/13/17]:

We’re standing in solidarity with the artists and the different spaces that are closing. We’ll be closed on January 20, and on the 21st, our staff have been given the day if they do want to attend protests or go to Washington. If we have enough staff we will be open on the 21st; if we don’t, we’ll remain closed.

We’re a family business. It’s Garth and I — I’m an immigrant, and we have a mostly female staff. This election was just a referendum on who we are as a nation, and we are displeased with the outcome. We will stand with whatever community we need to stand with. If the artists are calling for a J20 strike, we’re with them.  ” — Bryan Davidson Blue

The Hole [added 1/17/17]:

“We are going to be closed Friday for the art strike but host protest sign making in here for people making womens march and other protest junk
posterboard cardboard paper paint etc 12-7pm” — Kathy Grayson

Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project [added 1/19/17]:

“Howl! Happening, an Arturo Vega Project will be closed on Inauguration Day on Friday January 20th and on Saturday January 21st in solidarity with the Women’s March.” — Howl! Happening Staff & Board of Directors 

Jane Lombard [added 1/23/17]:

The gallery sent out an email with the following statement:

Jane Lombard Gallery will be closed on Saturday, January 21
to participate in the Women’s March on Washington and New York.

LeRoy Neiman Gallery [added 1/23/17]:

“In solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike, and in consultation with the currently-exhibiting artists and the exhibition’s curator, the LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University School of the Arts will be closed on Friday, January 20.

Each of us will use the time for what we individually deem to be appropriate acts of non-compliance, resistance, participation, and action.” — Marie Tennyson

Lyles & King [added 1/13/17]:

“We will close in solidarity with the J20 strike. Fuck fascists.” — Isaac Lyles

Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery NY [added 1/17/17]:

The gallery sent the following statement:

Lyle O. Reitzel gallery stands alongside our fellow galleries in closing on Friday, January 20th as part of the J20 Art Strike. We are committed to supporting our artists as they participate in the Women’s March and various other expressions of protest against intolerance and xenophobia.

Marian Goodman [added 1/19/17]

Metro Pictures [added 1/19/17]

Minus Space:

“Business as usual must stop on January 20. MINUS SPACE will be closed in protest on inauguration day as we stand in solidarity with artists, arts workers, and concerned citizens in cities and small towns across the country and around the globe. The president-elect does not stand for any of our core values. Rather he aggressively attacks all that we celebrate and hold sacred, namely freedom of expression, intellectual inquiry, the search for truth, equality, diversity of every kind, public education, labor, healthcare, and the protection of the environment, among so many other things. Inauguration day will be a day dedicated to reflection and action.” — Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez, Minus Space

Lisson Gallery:

“We will indeed close on 20 January as part of the J20 strike. We felt it was important to mark this occasion by standing in solidarity with our artists, other gallery colleagues, and various museums. Everyone is apprehensive about the incoming administration and in these moments, sometimes a collective restraint speaks volumes.” —Alex Logsdail 

LMAK gallery:

“We’ve been quite active and vocal against the current mad state we find ourselves in. In short, yes, we will be closed on that day and post a note on the front door and web about the reasons why — mainly as we represent artist that are part of the LGBT community, Women Artists, and free thinkers in general. Also a father of two daughters I can’t believe the bigotry and sexism that we’ve elected to be our president and I have already taken both my daughter to a anti-Trump protest to show them that we can’t sit still and cower in fear for the next four years — we face bullies, we don’t hide.” — Bart Keijsers Koning

Miguel Abreu Gallery:

“We are going to close.” — gallery representative

Peter Blum Galery [added 1/23/17]:

The gallery sent the following statement:


We want to give our employees working at the gallery an opportunity to take part in the “Women’s March on NYC”, to join and share with those who want to express their right to rally for equality and the promotion of civil rights for every human regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, or creed.

We will continuously make aware that we will not accept the alarming positions that are being promised to be put in place.

Not only this Saturday but throughout the next years we will make ourselves heard.

We cannot stand by idle and accept the dismantling of our democratic values.

We cannot watch all that we have achieved and that we strive to achieve be ignored and overturned.

We ask you to join us in demonstration against those who threaten our strength as an open and accepting society.


Present Company [added 01/15/17]:

Please add Present Company to your list of galleries closed in solidarity with #J20 and the Women’s March on Washington.

Radiator Gallery  [added 1/23/17]:

The gallery sent out an email with the following statement:

Calling all artists and concerned people of New York!

In solidarity with the J20 Art Strike and the January 21 marches in New York and elsewhere, Radiator Gallery will be closed for the day.

Salon 94:

Confirmed to Hyperallergic that it will close.

Sargent’s Daughters [added 1/23/17]:

Sargent’s Daughters will be closed Saturday, January 21 and Sunday January 22 in solidarity with our colleagues, artists and other arts organizations participating in the #J20 Artstrike and the Women’s March. The gallery will re-open with usual hours on Wednesday, January 25th.

Sean Kelly Gallery [added 1/17/17]:

The gallery sent the following statement:

Sean Kelly Gallery  will close on January 20, 2017, U.S. Inauguration Day, in solidarity with artists, arts organizations, and other members of the art community who are calling for the #J20 Art Strike. Whilst the majority of our staff will be attending the protest rallies in Washington D.C. and New York City on January 21, we will remain open with a skeleton staff for the last day of the exhibition Hugo McCloud: Veiled. We feel strongly, now, more than ever, with civil society under threat, that it is important to make our voices heard and our positions clear in standing up for the fair, unprejudiced, respectful and progressive society that we believe in and the future that we want for America.

Secret Dungeon Project [added 1/18/17]:

“Secret Dungeon will be closed in solidarity with #J20 and will remain closed on Saturday, January 21st so that attention can better be focused on the Women’s March on Washington and New York.” — Nat Ward

SOHO20 [added 1/18/17]:

The gallery sent out an email with the following statement:

SOHO20 will be closed on January 20 + 21, 2017 in solidarity with Women Strike!J20 Art Strike, the Women’s March on Washington, and many others. We will be open to the public on Thursday, January 19, and Sunday, January 22. We encourage everyone who is able to participate in any way that they feel they can.

Soloway [added 1/23/17]

Station Independent Projects:

Station Independent Projects nor Greg support Trumps and his cabinets mix of white supremacy, misogyny, sexism or xenophobia. Basket of deplorable is an understatement!

Art Strike is an occasion for public accountability, an opportunity to affirm and enact the values that our cultural institutions claim to embody which is freedom of expression, embracing democratic ideals and respecting one another despite our difference.

This is just the beginning of fighting back!

The following is a mock up of the sign the gallery will display on their front window by artist Gregory Sholette, who will be showing at the time in the gallery:

steven harvey fine art projects [added 1/13/17]

The gallery sent the following statement:

steven harvey fine art projects will close the exhibition “for WLD: works from the collection of The William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation” on Friday, January 20th, in conjunction with the J20 general art workers strike and in honor of William Louis-Dreyfus’s substantial efforts to combat voter suppression. We will reopen on Saturday, January 21st.

Steven Kasher Gallery [added 1/13/17]:

We will be closed January 20-21 for the strike.

Thomas Erben Gallery [added a/1/18/17]:

“After having just moved to New York in the summer of 1989, I witnessed the first Day Without Art, drawing awareness to the then rampant AIDS crisis. The symbolism of experiencing the doors of publicly accessible cultural spaces closed resonated deeply with me, and has remained etched in my memory. Similarly, closing spaces of cultural refuge, awareness, and advancement for Inauguration Day 2017, reminds us all that if we don’t fight for what sustains us — culture in all its manifestation/ the earth/ our fellow human beings/ a fair and democratic political system/ freedom of the press/ rule of law and responsible governance — these will deteriorate and slip through our fingers. In solidarity with the J20ArtStrike, Thomas Erben Gallery will thus remain closed on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017″ — Thomas Erben

Victori + Mo [added 1/17/17]:

“Victori + Mo is a place that celebrates the freedom of expression and applaud diversity. We support creativity is a platform for change and we must preserve that right. The current president-elect is a threat to our core values and in solidarity with our artistic community we will be closed on January 20th as part of the J20 Art Strike.

Our current exhibition, Never Stop Dancing by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall serves as a reminder of those we lost to hate and injustice.” — Celine Mo

Viridian Artists [added a/1/18/17]:

The gallery sent us the following statement:

Viridian Artists will be closing for the #J20 Art Strike. We will be open on Friday the 20th but in mourning with a black drape to remind visitors that we are in protest & mourning. On Saturday, the 21st, we will be closed as we join the Woman’s March, the first Day our new president is in office.

Wallach Art Gallery:

The gallery sent us the following statement:

In solidarity with the #J20 Art Strike, and in consultation with the currently-exhibiting artists and the exhibition’s curator, The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University in the City of New York will be closed on Friday, January 20, 2017. Each of us will use the time for what we individually deem to be appropriate acts of non-compliance, resistance, participation, and action.

Wallworks New York [added 1/19/17]

Y Gallery [added 1/23/17]

New York Galleries and Nonprofits Not Closing But Organizing Special Programming or Events

The City Reliquary Museum & Civic Organization [added 1/13/17]:

The City Reliquary Museum will launch a kick-off party for its event series, “Beyond Patience & Fortitude: In Protection and Celebration of New York’s Diverse Cultures” that will “continue with civic-minded events happening on Thursday evenings through March,” events coordinator Molly Cox told Hyperallergic. “Events will include instruction in political advocacy and in education and appreciation of the diversity of New York.”

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space [added 1/13/17]:

The gallery will open a 45-day long exhibition on January 20 titled Shadow Cabinet, described as a “loyal opposition response.” An accompanying statement on its website reads:

We launch Shadow Cabinet on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. Some people go on strike. We do not. We do the opposite. We go to work, in loyal opposition. We acknowledge that an election has taken place, within its rules, and unless compelling proof can be found of manipulation, we will take as de facto the Administration of Donald J. Trump.  To protest that would be to protest the US Constitution.  It would be to protest ourselves.  That was not provided for in the First Amendment.  One must allow the Administration to start, without rancor, without questioning its legitimacy (unless compelling evidence emerges otherwise).  For now, we accept that the Administration of Donald J. Trump is de jure.

Therefore, our actions in response are those of a Loyal Opposition, in line with long-standing traditions of the country from which the United States spun off, declaring independence: Great Britain.

Galerie St. Etienne [added 01/14/17]:

“Galerie St. Etienne will remain open on January 20. Our current exhibition on American Artists and Communist Party, installed just down the block from Trump Tower, is especially relevant in the wake of the election. As the administration takes a big step to the right, we stand committed to socially-conscious art. The works on display make it all too obvious that Depression-era inequities are no less rampant or socially destructive today.” —Christina Roman, Galerie St. Etienne

EIDIA House:

EIDIA House Plato’s Cave is inviting anyone to submit a poem that will be printed and displayed in an exhibition, held “in the spirit of J20 Art Strike January 20 and WRITERS RESIST.”

Paula Cooper Gallery:

They are unsure what they will do on #J20 but they have rented a bus for staff, artists, and friends to go down to DC the next day for the protests.


Artist Jim Torok, who is currently showing in the gallery, explains that his show directly addresses the election and general situation and preferred to keep his exhibition open and be in the gallery to discuss everything with anyone who wishes to come by.

The Lodge Gallery

“We will be open at The Lodge Gallery on the 20th. We are open from 2pm to 10pm on Fridays so we’ll be viewing coverage of the inauguration spectacle from here  for visitors to watch or discuss. We have our current exhibition- Ayakamay, “Captive_Train_reck” on view through the 22nd and the show must go on.” — Jason Patrick Voegele

Check this space in the coming days for additional spaces that will close or host special programs on January 20.

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