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Pioneer Winter, “A Love To Last 13 Hours” (2016), 13-hour endurance performance and installation using glass cabinets, broken glass, and audio break-up interviews from queer community members. Part of “Miami Goes Elsewhere” curated residency.

Elsewhere is a museum and artist residency set inside a three-story former thrift store in Greensboro, North Carolina. Artists working across media, fields, and disciplines create with the museum’s vast collection of cultural materials.

The museum environment is composed of an enormous 60-year collection of textiles, toys, books, surplus, and thrift, along with 15 years of artist projects. Artists live and work within the museum and build upon its layered aesthetic.

Elsewhere welcomes artists and organizers with an intersectional critique and practice. Artists working across media — textile, sound, video, installation, performance, conceptual art, painting, social sculpture — and artists who are also activists, researchers, curators, scholars, designers, writers, musicians, puppeteers, gardeners, homesteaders, chefs, system-thinkers, and game-makers, are encouraged to apply.

Applications due Saturday, February 11:

Elsewhere supports the unrelenting affirmation that Black Lives Matter, and will serve in the resistance to any administration, policy, politics, or social formations that sustain anti-black and brown racism. The supremacy of white power and patriarchy must be undone and unlearned in art and its institutions. Elsewhere is with the Common Field, and supports artists to create other worlds that will transform our own. Let’s build collaborative futures.