Winsor & Newton’s heritage spans an impressive 184 years. It’s a heritage founded on innovation, dedication, and the tireless pursuit of perfection — values that have inspired generations of artists and continue to do so today.

In its latest venture, Winsor & Newton is reaching out to artists around the world to offer guidance and artistic insight. Masterclass is a series of informative video tutorials for those seeking to improve their technique and stretch their artistic knowledge base. Packed with technical discourse and expertise, it’s a learning tool artists won’t want to miss.

The videos include a deep exploration of color tones, technical advice on surfaces, and professional input on mediums. Masterclass promises to reveal the science behind artists’ materials and demonstrate why artists should be excited about subjects like the color white. Each topic is carefully deconstructed so that artists can understand the ‘why and how’ of the materials they use.

This exclusive new series is available to artists for free through Winsor & Newton’s email newsletter. Winsor & Newton will deliver new content to your inbox at regular intervals. With more topics in the pipeline, Winsor & Newton’s Masterclass is set to become the go-to knowledge base for the serious artist and those seeking to perfect their practice.

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