Joseph Keckler and the Art F City crew in their goth opera getups (image courtesy Art F City)

Fundraisers can be stuffy, painfully boring affairs … or they can be elaborate goth operas starring the performance artist Joseph Keckler. Art F City’s is, unsurprisingly, the latter.

Chances are you know Art F City as a blog, which started in 2005 as the art-related outlet for the honest, at times contrarian, voice of Paddy Johnson. “I would say that vision was about … to put it in blunt terms, speaking truth to power,” she told Hyperallergic. Over the 12 years it’s been in existence, Art F City has evolved not just in name (it was originally Art Fag City) but in mission too; it’s grown into a multi-author blog and, more recently, a nonprofit that does more than just publish articles online. In 2015, for example, Art F City organized the Stay in New York conference at the Queens Museum, focused on the eternal problem of affordable workspace for artists in the city, and before that it published an edition of digital art on USB drives.

Paddy Johnson (photo by Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

“I like to refer to William Gibson, who has a quote about how cyberspace used to be a specific space that you went to, and now cyberspace is everted and it seeks to colonize the physical,” Johnson explained. “I consider the blog an organization that has everted, and we seek to colonize the physical.”

What has remained consistent over 12 years is Art F City’s devotion to and championing of artists. When Johnson began blogging, she “saw myself as somebody who represented the artist voice”; now, she sees the nonprofit Art F City as “a resource that helps connect the artist community” and “an organization that works towards more thoughtful practices.” It’s that organization you’ll be supporting when you shell out for a pretty reasonably priced benefit ticket ($50 off if you show up in full goth garb!) for April 18. The night will include a 20-minute performance by Keckler, who Johnson says has “the richest, craziest voice”; a photo station helmed by artist Sean Fader; an art auction; and, hopefully, as much awkward dancing as your black goth heart desires.

When: Tuesday, April 18, 6–10pm ($75 and up)
Where: Collapsable Hole (55 Bethune Street, West Village, Manhattan)

More info here.

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