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J.T. Mitchell, “Elizabeth Mary and Augustus William Hillary” (1803), Watercolor on ivory, 9k rose gold, paper, glass, Museum of Fine Arts Houston (via Wikimedia Commons)

Gemini (May 22–June 21)

When it was just “Charging Bull,” we couldn’t have cared less. When it was joined by “Fearless Girl,” we got nominally more interested. And when “Pissing Pug” came along, we were underwhelmed by the addition but intrigued by the looming sculpture pileup. We can’t wait to see what mediocre figurative sculpture gets added to the equation next! Will it be “Clawing Cat”? “Hipster Hippo”? Naked Trump? Sometimes, Gemini, quantity can become quality.

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

It’s finally happened — the computers have taken over. Now that an algorithm has mastered the fine art of naming paint pigments, there’s not much we as a species can do but get really good at fixing robots and hope that our new automaton overlords keep some of us around to do repairs. Luckily for you, Cancer, your astrological forecast says now is a great time to acquire a new technical skill.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

The question of which celebrity would very publicly turn to art-making next has fascinated us since at least April, and we recently found the answer: Val Kilmer. We’ll reserve judgment on the works in his debut solo show, Valholla, until we see them in person, but for now we’ll just say that our expectations are low. There’s a cautionary tale in this for you, Leo: try to focus on doing one thing well this month, rather than splitting your energies between multiple projects and pursuits. You can’t be the top gun in every field.

Virgo (August 23–September 23)

Have you been following the protests and conversations surrounding Dana Schutz’s painting at the Whitney Museum and Sam Durant’s sculpture at the Walker Art Center, Virgo? You’ll have to tackle a major conflict head-on in the first 10 days of the month, so we suggest you study these two recent controversies closely. One is a prime example of evasive non-action, while the other shows a willingness to admit mistakes, talk to critics, and move forward. How will you respond to dissent?

Libra (September 24–October 23)

In Pipilotti Rist’s mesmerizing piece “Ever Is Over All” (1997), the artist struts through the streets of an unspecified European city swinging a giant flower, which she periodically uses to smash the windows of parked cars. It’s delightful video art, but it’s the exact opposite of how you should behave this month, Libra. Avoid calling attention to yourself or causing conflict at all costs.

Scorpio (October 24–November 22)

“Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.” So said, of all people, Marina Abramović, and those are words you must heed this month, Scorpio. You run the risk of getting carried away with overly convoluted or abstract ideas in the coming weeks, but don’t forget to be mindful of more practical problems, too.

Sagittarius (November 23–December 21)

You’re not exactly an introvert, Sagittarius, we all know that, but this month you need to be especially conscientious about communication. Be sure to keep all the people in your life — whether allies or opponents — abreast of your activities and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Some strongly worded artist-designed postcards might be just the right vessel for your thoughts and opinions.

Capricorn (December 22–January 20)

A thick canopy of shells and dirt crackled underfoot. Fantastical plants formed from wires, palms, plastic tubing, computer parts, glowing glass orbs, and prehistoric-looking hunks of coral loomed overhead. Alien masks and surreal creatures lurked in this sci-fi canopy, while fountains sent dark fluids cascading down trunks and branches. The central installation of Korakrit Arunanondchai’s recent exhibition at CLEARING in Brooklyn was an absolutely stunning and masterfully crafted environment. This month, Capricorn, you need to be similarly detail-oriented and controlling in your work.

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)

One of our favorite participatory public art projects remains Lorraine O’Grady’s “Art Is …” (1983), for which she and a group of performers in Harlem’s African-American Day Parade strategically deployed empty, gilded picture frames to affirm that, yes, each person at the parade — that, indeed, the entire event — was also art. There’s a kind of sweet romance to the gesture we find irresistible. The object of your affections will likewise be very susceptible to grand romantic gestures this month, Aquarius.

Pisces (February 20–March 20)

The greatest US artist of the postwar period once said, “Remember to always think twice,” a maxim he immediately and cheekily contradicted by crying out, “Don’t think twice!” Be sure to follow his advice this month, Pisces, as you’ll have a lot to gain in both romance and finance, but your success will depend on always weighing the pros and cons. Failing to do so will saddle you with Billie Jean-caliber problems.

Aries (March 21–April 20)

If you’ve been plotting a major life change or career shift, Aries, now is an astrologically advantageous time. It could be something as simple as trying a new medium or experimenting with a color that isn’t part of your usual palette, or something more ambitious like upgrading galleries or moving studios. And, for the seriously ambitious, a gentle reminder that Italy is looking to offload 103 historical properties.

Taurus (April 21–May 21)

Look, Taurus, we’re not saying you did it, but we have a feeling you know where to find the art from the Gardner Museum heist. You don’t, eh? What if we tell you there’s a $5-million reward? Would that jog you memory? Still nothing? What if the reward were doubled to $10 million? No? OK, well, we promised the FBI we’d put all our psychic powers to the task, but it looks like it was all for naught. In any case, one way or another, all your secrets will come out into the open this month.

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