Apple Unveils 12 of 69 New Emoji, from a Zombie to a Genie 🙃

Soon you’ll be able to text your bearded male friend about zombies launching coconuts from the backs of mermaids!

(all GIFs and images courtesy Apple)

Today is World Emoji Day. Did you know that was a thing? I did not, but this July 17 is the fourth year that people around the world are celebrating the little icons by sharing their favorite emoji on social media, texting only in emoji, and basically just using a lot of emoji. The general mood among emoji enthusiasts is pretty much:

Yes, thine eyes don’t deceive you; that is indeed a new, dazzled emoji — great for conveying excitement, perfect for when you’re feeling star-struck. To make the occasion extra hyped this year, the folks at Apple shared a preview of the 69 new emoji set to hit keyboards later this year (at least those of iOS, macOS, and watch OS users). The tease reveals some additions to the swelling food category — say hello very soon to the coconut (super on-trend) and the humble sandwich — but also to some emoji that are meaningful, such as these that are more inclusive for women:

I guess I never noticed this, but also lacking emoji representation right now are bearded men. Currently, we have only mustachioed fellows to deploy in our phone conversations, but Apple’s about to give us dudes with very full beards. My question is: How long until we get unibrow-ed individuals?

Much more fun, in my opinion, is the emoji that pukes a glorious cascade of slime green barf, and the one with wild, goofy eyes and its tongue out (seems like the interpretations for this one will be endless), and our first-ever dinosaur, a toothy T-Rex with tiny hands. Apple’s also giving us a zombie, which is going to be great for all my #mood texts.

The last time the tech company gave us an emoji update was last December. The addition of this new batch is definitely going to make finding your desired emoji a little more tedious, but with changing culture comes the need for new emoji to express ourselves. At this point, emoji is so old that there’s a book out about its origins. Heck, emoji is so old that the original set entered the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection last year! Its age and longevity is even more reason to celebrate the icons.

And why on July 17, you may be asking? Emoji may mostly seem random, but this little detail is not: As the assiduous Caitlin Dewey at The Washington Post explains, that date is the one on the calendar emoji, because July 17 is when iCal for Mac was first announced at 2002’s MacWorld conference.

Thanks to Apple, I can now ask, does this fact make you:

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