The Viscosity Test

When it comes to paint, consistency is vital. As an artist, you need your paint to perform to the same level every time. That’s why Winsor & Newton’s process of rigorously testing their Professional Acrylic range is so important.

A new series of behind-the-scenes videos shows you exactly how their process works. Take a look to see how opacity, viscosity, and specific gravity are all examined to deliver premium quality.

The first test evaluates the opacity of the paint. Here, paint is applied to chart cards and an applicator bar is drawn across the surface. This creates a precisely measured thin layer, which is later analyzed to ensure a completely consistent appearance.

The Opacity Test

The second test is for texture. If you’ve ever used Winsor & Newton paints, you’ll recognize that buttery texture as you move paint across the surface of your canvas. At the center of the viscometer, a spindle revolves inside the paint. This measures the resistance and ensures the texture is perfectly engineered. That’s how Winsor & Newton’s Professional Acrylic paints strike a perfect balance between soft feel and firm hold.

Once opacity and texture have been checked, there’s one final measure: the combination of raw materials. With all the ingredients combined, it’s important to make sure they’re in the correct proportion. To do so, paint is measured into beakers and checked against the volume of water that would be required to fill that same space. The test delivers a figure for specific gravity — and ensures perfect consistency again and again.

The Gravity Test

This research and measurement is carried out by a team of expert chemists known as ‘Color Men’ at Winsor & Newton’s London laboratory. Skilled in developing new materials and paints, they work in tandem with in-house artists to precisely engineer this line of paints.

Thanks to this rigorous machine testing, you can be confident that your materials will allow you to develop work to the highest level.

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