Left: Nicholas Fraser and Heidi Neilson, “Oak-Tulip Tree Forest,” from “Forest & Stream” (2009), site-specific sidewalk chalk drawings, 14th Street New York, approx. 60 x 84 inches. Right: Christopher Mason/MetaSUB team, “Enterobacteriaceae Subway Map” (2015), computer generated illustration (images courtesy Christopher Mason / Cem Meydan)

Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping, an exhibition of New York City maps and cartography-based artworks. The exhibition features a selection of contemporary artists, designers, and data analysts who address a question currently surfacing in the art/design zeitgeist: in what forms can information visualization become art, and how can artists make data visible? Together the works in this exhibition, all maps of the city, show a melding of information visualization and artistic endeavor.

As a hallmark of this exhibition, Pratt Manhattan Gallery commissioned three artists, Christine Gedeon, Ekene Ijeoma, and Doug McCune to create works based on a specific set of census data focused on New York City’s immigrant population.  Other featured artists, designers, and data analysts include: Kim Baranowski; Alexander Chen; Xingying Du, Michelle Htar, and Jessica Silverman; Nicholas Fraser and Heidi Neilson; Neil Freeman; Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, and Lev Manovich; Jill Hubley; Bettina Johae; Jerome Marshak; Christopher Mason/MetaSUB team; John Nelson; Jenny Odell; Perkins+Will/Quilters without Borders; Erica Sellers; Herwig Scherabon; Chris Whong.

Opening reception: Thursday, September 21, 6-8pm
Panel discussion: Tuesday, October 24, 6:30pm, room 213, adjacent to gallery

Pratt Manhattan Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm, and Thursday until 8pm. Exhibition and events are free and open to the public.  

For more information, please visit pratt.edu/exhibitions.