Teamsters of Local 814 joined Occupy Wall Street in Foley Sqaure last night for the N17 Day of Actions (photo via

To add to our news blasts of Occupy Wall Street updates today, the ties between OWS and Sotheby’s locked-out art handlers are growing stronger. Artinfo posted today that the art handlers are joining Occupy Wall Street in a protest against the movement’s eviction from Zuccotti Park earlier this week. The Teamsters or Local 814 are picketing outside of Brookfield Properties (3 World Fiancial), who owns Zuccotti Park.

Diane Taylor, director of the board at Brookfield also happens to be on the board of Sotheby’s and Mayor Bloomberg’s long-time girlfriend. What a lucky coincidence. It’s also a bit strange that Artinfo posted this news item on their gossip blog. Where has their continued coverage of the lock-out been?

The Teamsters made the following statement about their support for Occupy Wall Street on their blog Teamster Nation:

Teamsters have supported the Occupy movement on Wall Street as well as throughout the country. Last night, New York Teamsters from Locals 814 and 111 joined OWS supporters in a Foley Square rally. At the same time, Teamsters from Joint Council 7 were preparing to protect Occupy San Francisco from a raid that didn’t happen. On Tuesday, the Teamsters General Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution supporting Occupy Wall Street and condemning any effort to shut it down on phony pretenses of public health and safety.

For another great source of news developments surrounding the Sotheby’s labor dispute, check out the site Sotheby’s: Bad for Art. According to the site, Columbia University also stands behind the art handlers as students protested in front of the Law School on Tuesday against former Columbia president Michael Sovern, who is the chairman of Sotheby’s.

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