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The New York Studio School values learning through making — discovery over measurement, process over product, authenticity over style — engagement and attention are key.

We offer a two-year MFA degree and a three-year Certificate in Painting or Sculpture, and Drawing as an integral foundation to both majors. Our studio-centric programs prepare students to thrive as practicing artists. Independent studio time is bolstered by group and individual critiques, faculty led studio courses, critical studies discussions, and art history lectures.

At the New York Studio School, you will find space and time to foster your artistic identity surrounded by a diverse community of peers. We celebrate artists learning from artists and trust that meaning will arrive as a result of dedicated studio practice. Our talented Faculty include Dean Graham Nickson, Judy Glantzman, John Newman, Kyle Staver, Garth Evans, Margrit Lewczuk, Jilaine Jones, Elisa Jensen, Leonid Lerman, Ophrah Shemesh, Karen Wilkin, and more.

Our Evening Lecture Series, Gallery Exhibitions and visiting artist critiques enrich the learning experience. And our unique Marathons kick start each semester, generating momentum through two-week full-day intensives led by regular Faculty and guest artists.

We are currently accepting applications, due February 15th, 2018, for our MFA 2020 class and Certificate 2021 class. Apply today and join a contemporary community of true painters and sculptors!

Email to schedule a tour of our historic building & sky lit studios.

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