Nathaniel Sullivan’s performance While The Nation Went Bankrupt, taking place December 1 at Sla307 Art Space (image courtesy Sla307 and the artist)

Artist Nathaniel Sullivan has been obsessed with the repercussions of and hidden stories behind the 2008 economic crisis for a while. In “All That You Desire,” he gave a guided tour of Wall Street from the back of a limo and asked, “What if we all acted like investment bankers?” Over the years, he’s zeroed in on one particular Wall Street banker: Jamie Dimon, the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase. Sullivan has posed as Dimon in a series of absurdist photographs and imagined the letters he wrote to his Chief Investment Officer the year of the crash. Sullivan even made a film in which he stages what might’ve taken place the weekend the biggest bankers had “to solve the world economy and re-write the rules of finance.”

Sullivan will be drawing from this film for his performance While the Nation Went Bankrupt, taking place this Friday at Sla307 Art Space. In it he promises to take us into “the corner offices of the banks” and “behind the closed doors of the mansions of the 0.01%.” But how, exactly, will he break through these doors? With fictional love letters by Jamie Dimon.

When: Friday, December 1, doors at 6pm, performance starts at 6:30pm
Where: Sla307 Art Space (307 West 30th Steet, Midtown West, Manhattan)

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