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The crew of CareForce watching the sunset in Austerlitz, NY (photo by Marc Shavitz, courtesy CareForce One Travelogues)

CareForce One Travelogues, a new documentary series that premieres in New York this weekend, may sound familiar. In a 50-year-old station wagon, a storyteller sets out to document America.

In this case, artist Marisa Morán Jahn starts her cross-country road trip with her son Choco and their friend Anjum Asharia. But the film project breaks the mold in other ways — most importantly, by adding new voices to the tried-and-true road narrative. It focuses on an American experience that’s not often in the foreground of popular culture: caregiving. “Care” is by nature a broad category, encompassing everything from medical services to domestic labor to family bonds. But the documentary makes that caregiving “intersects with some of today’s most pressing issues,” from immigration to racial inequality.

On Saturday, March 17, the Brooklyn Museum will screen the film and host two conversations about it. The first will be a keynote by Saskia Sassen, a sociologist of globalization currently at Columbia University. After her talk, a panel will bring together organizers and storytellers: Yael Melamede, Oscar- and Emmy-winning filmmaker; Allison Julian, a nanny and organizer of the National Domestic Workers Alliance; Ilana Berger, who leads Hand in Hand; and Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic’s editor-in-chief. The event will also include a performance of live music. Tickets are free with museum admission.

When: Saturday, March 17 from 2-4pm
Where: Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Pkwy, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

More info at the Brooklyn Museum.

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