Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

Empire of Vampires

Squirming like leeches for the favor of Lord High Bloodsucker, Count Trump.

Judith Bernstein, “Count Trump” (2017), acrylic on paper, 48 x 64 inches (courtesy of the artist)

Once bitten, there’s no escape! Some wander through White House halls, eyes vacant, colliding into walls and each other, their reputations drained to the last drop: John Kelly the Gold Star General turned Chief Authoritarian Enabler; Ronny L. Jackson, the Nicest Guy in Washington, now branded Tyrant / Pill Pusher / Drunk. 

Others, fully operational quisling-hosts of the Vampiric Virus (School-Voucher DeVos; Oil-Slick Zinke; Milk-the-Mint Mnuchin; Dining-Set Caron; Soundproof-Tone-Deaf Pruitt) squirm like leaches for the affection of Lord High Bloodsucker, Count Trump, and scurry like cockroaches at the first ray of light.

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