Editor’s Note: Earlier this year when President Trump suggested that teachers take up arms at schools, 13-year-old cartoonist and activist Sasha Matthews came up with an impressive response. Her comic, titled “An NRA dream come true,” showed armed teachers and students, and a gun casually arranged with other school supplies.

“After the election of Trump, I was afraid,” Matthews said during a speech at the ACLU Conference earlier this month in Washington, DC. “But instead of feeling like there was nothing I could do, I decided to do something about it.” She started a year-long fundraiser for the ACLU called Everyday Superheroes, in which she drew everyday people — trash pickers, scientists, artists, and activists — as superheroes. Every dollar she raised selling the drawings — a total of $11,635.83 — went toward the ACLU.

It comes as no surprise, then, that when Trump ordered authorities at the US-Mexico border to separate parents from their children — and then signed an executive order partially retreating from the decision, though his wife’s wardrobe choice betrayed the president’s indifference — Matthews had a response, and shared it with Hyperallergic.

Sasha Matthews is a cartoonist, activist, and 8th grader. Her "Everyday Superheroes" fundraiser collected over $11,000 for the ACLU. She has been a guest on NBC's "Little Big Shots," was recognized by...

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  1. Wow! Someone should publish a book of her cartoons. She’s amazing. Of course when the republicans get wind of this they’ll say she’s a child actor and some adult is drawing them for her. That’s their “go to” response any time young people show more wisdom and insight than the old ass incompetents that are “running” the country right now.

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