The nature of craft has transformed in the last decade. Technological innovation, increased access to resources via the Internet, and the “maker movement” have introduced new ways of making and increased access to those who want to create—all exciting opportunities for makers and collectors.

In this new creative environment, how do traditional craft disciplines evolve to integrate with these new opportunities? Through demonstrations and conversations with leaders in the field, this symposium will explore how “traditional” craft disciplines will evolve to integrate these new opportunities while maintaining the integrity and quality of the ideas behind their practices.

ThinkCraft will feature these keynote speakers:

Elisabeth Agro – Associate Curator of American Modern and Contemporary Craft and Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Glenn Adamson – Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art and author of the landmark publication The Craft Reader.

Tom Joyce – A 2003 MacArthur Fellow, Joyce is one of the foremost practitioners in the field for his early contributions to the art and science of forging iron.

Stuart Kestenbaum – Poet Laureate of Maine, and former director of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.

Janet Koplos – Contributing editor, Art in America, and co-author of the milestone publication Makers: A History of American Studio Craft.

Judith Schaechter – Philadelphia-based artist whose groundbreaking work in stained glass serves as a narrative for social and political commentary.

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