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Edgar Arceneaux (photo by Rafael Hernandez)

Artists have a complicated relationship to money. While the top 1% achieve extraordinary financial success, the vast majority not only struggle to make a living from their art, but grapple with issues of labor, power, and equity. How can artists support themselves, while at the same time keeping true to their values? Can artists reconcile ideals of social justice with their participation in an exploitative capitalist system? These are the sorts of questions that the artist Edgar Arceneaux addresses with his research-based project New Financial Architectures for Creative Communities (NFACC).

This Saturday, the Broad will host Arceneaux as he leads a presentation and workshop based around his research with the NFACC to help artists make informed and conscious financial decisions. The event, organized by the museum and the art journal X-TRA, will connect Arceneaux’s project with the work of Joseph Beuys, a forefather of the field now known as social practice. Beuys scholar Daniel Spaulding will offer an introduction.

When: Saturday, September 22, 2–5pm ($15 suggested donation)
Where: The Broad (221 S. Grand Street, Downtown, Los Angeles)

More info at the Broad.

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