Frank Sinatra, “Abstract after Mondrian” (1991), oil on canvas (all images courtesy of Sotheby’s)

This December, Sotheby’s will auction off the estate of Barbara Sinatra, wife to Frank Sinatra, with a host of artwork, jewelry, furniture, and memorabilia. The sale, titled for Barbara’s memoir Lady Blue Eyes: Property of Barbara and Frank Sinatra, will provide a newfound insight into the lives of the musical royalty — and into the artistic career of Frank Sinatra himself.

An oil on canvas painted by the crooner, “Abstract after Mondrian,” is expected to sell for $10,000–15,000. With a clear reverence for artist Piet Mondrian, the artwork elucidates a widely unknown side of the singer and actor extraordinaire, with an uncharted knack for abstraction. Additional paintings by Sinatra will be unveiled at the sale’s exhibition.

Among other artworks hanging in the Sinatra home include a Norman Rockwell portrait of Sinatra; works by Pablo Picasso, Childe Hassam, and Walt Kuhn; and a quite strange set of ceramic kitchen “lettuceware.”

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

Norman Rockwell, “Sinatra an American Classic (Portrait of Frank Sinatra)”(1973), oil on canvas

Walt Kuhn, “Girl With Turban (Zuleika)” (1938), oil on canvas

Dodie Thayer pottery lettuceware

Jasmine Weber is an artist, writer, and former news editor at Hyperallergic. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.