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Artist Projects “Brett Kavanaugh Is a Sexual Predator” Onto DC Courthouse

Last night artist Robin Bell, known for his politically-minded light projections, called out accused rapist and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Sexual Predator (all images courtesy of Bell Visuals)

Artist and activist Robin Bell, founder of Bell Visuals, is known for making bold political statements, artistically projected onto public buildings. Yesterday evening, the Washington, DC-based multimedia artist projected a rotation of indictments against Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee who has been accused of serial rape since his high school years by multiple women. The statements shined bright on the E. Barrett Prettyman United States courthouse, Kavanaugh’s professional base in Washington, DC.

The light projections rotated between “Brett Kavanaugh Is a Sexual Predator,” “#StopKavanaugh,” “#BelieveSurvivors,” “Brett Kavanaugh Must Withdraw,” and “Brett Kavanaugh Lied Every Time He Testified.”

Bell told artnet News, “I’ve been getting a lot of messages and I can tell you [the projection] really helped people who feel hurt right now and are trying to not allow someone like Kavanaugh to be in power, to continue to be in power, and get to the Supreme Court.”

Brett Kavanaugh Lied Every Time He Testified
Brett Kavanaugh Must Withdraw
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