The Mattress Factory is a cutting-edge museum of contemporary art located in the historic Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Hailed as the best facility for installation art in the United States, the Museum’s unusual galleries house a growing — and distinctive — permanent collection, featuring artists James Turrell, Yayoi Kusama, Winifred Lutz and Rolf Julius, as well as innovative temporary exhibitions.

A view of Yayoi Kusama’s “Repetitive Vision” (1996) (via Mattress Factory’s Flickstream)

Since 1977, the Mattress Factory has supported more than 400 artists through their world-renowned residency program. Each year artists come to Pittsburgh, live at the museum, and create new work, experiment, take risks, and explore the creative process.

Each exhibition is paired with a variety of engaging and inventive educational programs including hands-on art projects, workshops, lectures, and tours. The Mattress Factory encourages all viewers, regardless of their background, to discover connections between art, creativity and their everyday lives.

New Exhibition: Nothing is Impossible

Brian Griffiths’ “The Body and Ground (or Your Lovely Smile)” (2010) (via

On March 20, 2010, the Mattress Factory opened their latest exhibition, Nothing is Impossible, with new and context specific work by artists Karl Burke, Rhona Byrne, Brian Griffiths, Bea McMahon and Dennis McNulty. Based in Dublin and London, each of the artists has been invited to spend a period of two months in Pittsburgh to develop work for this project.

Nothing is Impossible is the first in a series of exhibitions and performances Mark Garry and Georgina Jackson will produce during their two-year curatorial residency with the museum. The exhibition will run through August 8, 2010.

Art + Tech Innovation

Always innovative, the Mattress Factory continues to explore the boundaries between art & technology and it has created some amazing projects that challenge the way we interact with art and museums, including:

  1. experiments with QR Codes in exhibitions;
  2. a YouTube channel for visitor feedback, MF iConfess; and
  3. the Is This Art? iPhone App.

To learn more about The Mattress Factory, please visit their blog or subscribe to the Mattress Factory Email Newsletter. You can also visit Mattress Factory experience online for a complete list of options to connect with one of the country’s most cutting-edge contemporary art museums.

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