SHIFT (Fall 2017). Image courtesy of Erin Latham

Below is a personal account of Erin Latham’s experience in the IDSVA Low Residency PhD Program:

“In May 2017, I was given the opportunity to work with Factory Obscura, an Oklahoma City-based art collective. By fall, we opened our first interactive, large-scale installation entitled “SHIFT.” The project was an amazing success, with more than 20,000 attendees.

Most recently, Factory Obscura was the recipient of a million-dollar investmentand we are now busy building the collective’s first permanent public art experience in Oklahoma City.

In 2015, when I chose to enroll at IDSVA, I wasn’t sure whether what I had to offer the world as an artist was enough. Now, as I prepare to start writing my dissertation, my understanding of the role of art in contemporary society and my contribution as an artist has changed dramatically. I’ve grown in directions that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. I am developing a tool-kit that allows me to better investigate the world around me through aesthetic theory and practice.

The cross-pollination of my studies at IDSVA with my work at Factory Obscura has opened fascinating and rewarding new territories for me.”

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IDSVA’s pioneering curriculum—fusing distance learning with intensive residencies—allows working art professionals to pursue rigorous advanced scholarship without having to interrupt or abandon their teaching careers, art practice, or other professional responsibilities.

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