Willie Cole, Shinique Smith, and Abigail DeVille Discuss Found Material in African-American Art

Artists come together to discuss Nari Ward’s repurposed objects as a reflection of place, culture, and identity.

<em>Nari Ward: We the People</em> (2019), exhibition view, New Museum, New York (photo by Maris Hutchinson/EPW Studio)
Nari Ward: We the People (2019), exhibition view, New Museum, New York (photo by Maris Hutchinson/EPW Studio)

Artist Nari Ward’s practice often consists of transforming everyday, found objects into site-specific installations. For instance, Ward has used baby strollers, baseball bats, bottles, fire hoses, shopping carts, and so much more to tell the stories of individuals and groups. Ward’s work is currently on display in the New Museum’s exhibition Nari Ward: We the People, and this Thursday, the Museum will host a panel discussion centering around Ward’s found objects.

Artists Willie Cole, Abigail DeVille, and Shinique Smith will come together to discuss the uses of “found and repurposed objects, clothing, sound, photography, and other materials.” Moderated by Andrianna Campbell, the discussion will touch on the ways these objects reflect a place, culture, and identity within the framework of African-American contemporary art and history.

“I am excited about an object’s transformation,” Ward has said. “What it means, its historical resonance in a contemporary art dialogue, its significance within the community … it is a type of alchemy.”

Tickets to the panel are available for $15, or $10 for members, and more information can be found here.

When: Thursday, May 9, 7 pm
Where: The New Museum, 235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan

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