What should contemporary art education look like today? The new Media Arts MFA program at Purchase College,  State University of New York, embraces an interdisciplinary post-studio approach, centering its inquiries on contemporary art forms, social and political engagement, materiality, critical data studies, media ecologies, and alternative domains of cultural production and circulation.

Purchase College’s excellent production facilities, funding, teaching opportunities, research, and public engagement opportunities provide a fertile environment for graduate art studies. Beyond the confines of a traditional studio art program, the Media Arts MFA prepares its students for further advancing their practice and critically reflecting on global sociopolitical and cultural events. Students can choose a two year or three year dual degree track, which allows them to complement their studies with an MA in Art History or Entrepreneurship in The Arts.

Purchase College recently completed its first year of the program, in which they developed a unique curriculum supported by exhibitions, events, lectures, critique, and public engagement projects. This fall marks the opening of Purchase’s new Center for Media, Film and Theater, a state of the art building that will house the graduate program, serving as an intellectual hub while providing cutting-edge technologies for art production. Their public programming focuses on interdisciplinary encounters between artists, scientists, and scholars, and a series of colloquiums to critically reflect on the future of art education.

Purchase College is a public liberal arts college and one of the most respected art schools—a hidden gem located within the greater New York City region. With its flourishing graduate programs and diverse student body, it provides unparalleled research and production opportunities. Its full-time graduate faculty is composed of artists, anthropologists, sociologists, engineers and media scholars. Its current and upcoming faculty includes Michael Bell-Smith, Rachel Fabian, Sara Magenheimer, Shaka McGlotten, Nathan Holmes, Steve Lambert, Jason Pine, Brooke Singer, and Hakan Topal.

Currently accepting applications for Fall 2019. For more information, please visit, www.purchase.edu/media-arts-and-culture.

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