Graduate students in the Department of Craft/Material Studies discuss their work during a critique. Courtesy VCUarts.

VCUarts is a vibrant, engaged community of artists, designers, performers and scholars dedicated to pursuing creative excellence and expanding the frontiers of artistic discovery. It’s no wonder that VCUarts is the #1 public arts and design school in the country—and second overall—according to U.S. News and World Report.

Graduate students pursue a diverse range of disciplines including art education, art history, craft and material studies, graphic design, interior design, experimental animation, video and sound art, painting, printmaking, photography, film, sculpture and theatre. Frequently students collaborate across disciplines, combining painting and performance, sculpture and engineering, or graphic design and music, to name a few.

The faculty are active creative professionals and educators who are leading dynamic and integrative practices around the world and who are empowering the students to create work that feeds the soul and serves society.

Graduate students at VCUarts experience distinctive international opportunities, from academic connections with their campus in Doha, Qatar, to projects funded by the Graduate Travel and Research Grant program. They have traveled to Berlin, São Paulo, Mexico City, Peru, Brazil, China and more. They also offer graduate research and teaching assistantships which include a stipend and up to full tuition support.

VCUarts graduates emerge as internationally engaged change makers who will shape the frontiers of research and discovery at the boundaries of what the arts mean today and how they will be inspired, sustained and lived tomorrow.

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