Pinar Yoldas, The Kitty AI : Artificial Intelligence for Governance, (2016) Mixed media installation.

UCLA Design Media Arts alumna Dr. Pinar Yoldas discusses her practice, a recent project, and tells us what she valued most about her experience at DMA:

How would you define your practice?
My practice explores art in the anthropocene in order to engineer affect and critical thinking in the viewer/participant/audience. I design multimodal experiences in an attempt to create intellectual/discursive disruptions and provoke long-lasting activism.

Can you describe a recent project?
One recent project is the Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance. I was exploring an alternative to current day politics, specifically a democracy that integrates A.I. I did research on emotion and decision making, released a short film in 2016, currently working on a mobile app where you can chat with the Kitty AI. Working on an update for An Ecosystem of Excess(2013)  which focuses on plastic pollution by envisioning a post-anthropocene world where a new ecosystem emerges in our plastic-filled oceans.  Genetically Modified Gods is a world-building study inspired by CRISPR and the topic of designing humans.

Why did you choose DMA?
I thought the work generated there was more innovative and less mainstream. I wanted tech skills but I also wanted the freedom to instigate critical thinking with my work.

What did you value most about your time at DMA?
People. I exploited the fact that there were like-minded people around me. My cohort was also super cool, all of which are doing great now, and I’m happy that I built lifelong friendships through DMA.

Can you describe yourself in 6 words?
synaptic sculptor, curious, loves cats, pencils

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