A completely accurate representation of what we are feeling inside.

Today marks the six month anniversary of the official launch of Hyperallergic and we’re in the mood to celebrate!

We are feeling very positive about the future here at Hyperallergic HQ and we will be rolling out some new ideas and projects that are in the works but first things first, let’s celebrate!

The last six months have proved to us that people are eager for voices in the visual arts that are fun, serious, critical, playful, and always interesting. Hyperallergic is a refuge for everyone who is tired of middle of the road banter and wants to discuss opinions, ideas and news, no matter how controversial and bizarre.

We are all feeling warm, fuzzy & itchy inside. (Image by Tim McCool) (click to enlarge)

In honor of this fantastic mini-milestone we have finally decided to throw a small informal launch party — better late than never wouldn’t you say — at Hyperallergic HQ in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Starting next month we will begin hosting events in the space, including screenings, lectures, panels, roundtables, and discussions, but to kick things off we invite you to join us at the new space on Friday, April 23 from 7 – 11pm for a party that will get the ball rolling.

Come by and meet Hyperallergic contributors and friends! Tour the offices (ok, it’s one big loft) and meet our officemate Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City, who promises to make balloon animals during the party!

We look forward to seeing you there!

RSVP on Eventbrite, as space is limited.


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Veken Gueyikian

Veken Gueyikian is publisher of Hyperallergic.

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  1. Hi Veken and Hrag, congratulations on this milestone!!! I am flummoxed by the blogospheric coincidence — artblog was born on April 14, 2003. I am sending you good cyber-vibes and see many comments in your future. xo

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