Some of our most popular articles from the year (graphic Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic)

What a year! While Hyperallergic has covered a wide range of topics, some posts proved more popular than others. Here are our most popular stories from the last 12 months.

In compiling this list, we’ve edited out a few reblogs and shorter viral posts with the goal of giving you a fuller picture of the scope of what we produce here.” I’m particularly proud of the fact that 2 of our top 10 posts for the year are satirical posts that appears on April 1 — perhaps it’s because in 2019 we all needed a laugh, no?

Let us know in the comments if you have any personal favorites that were highlights for you.

Most Popular of 2019

  1. Designer Releases 3D-Printed Stamp to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill” by Jasmine WeberPeople were peeved that the Trump administration pulled plans for putting Tubman on the $20 bill and artist Dano Wall came up with a way to resist. Understandably this was the most popular post of the year. Let’s hope Tubman will really be on the bill soon enough.
  2. The Cop-Attacking Chilean Dog Who Became a Worldwide Symbol of Protest by Billy AnaniaThis dog captured our hearts so naturally an article about the beloved Negro Matapacos captured the second spot on our list.
  3. Archaeologists Discover World’s Oldest Break-Up Letter at Neo-Babylonian Site by Hrag VartanianI can’t believe how popular this satirical post was. It went so viral in Turkey that one Turkish fact-checking website had to issue an opinion. They verified it was fake. LOL
  4. Museum Workers Share Their Salaries and Urge Industry-Wide Reform”  by Zachary Small This list originally circulated on Twitter initially but we were happy to help people to learn more about the need for reform in the museum industry.
  5. Artist Drops Massive Opioid Spoon at Entrance of Another Sackler-Owned Drug Manufacturer” by Jasmine WeberThere were various efforts to shame the Sacklers for their active role in the opioid crisis, but this giant spoon had a viral impact like no other. Artist Domenic Esposito, whose brother struggles with drug addiction, created a visual reminder of the crisis opioids is creating across the US.
  6. Death of Artist Devra Freelander Sparks New York City Conversations About Bike Lane Protection” by Hakim Bishara A beloved art world figure whose life was cut too short.
  7. Jeff Koons Announces Retirement from Art” Hakim BisharaAnother satirical post that broke the top 10, and one we wish were true. BTW, the news circulated widely, so much so the artist even denied it in an article published in Women’s Wear Daily.
  8. Why Pimple Popping Videos Are So Strangely Satisfying” by Nathan SmithNo words, but you know you want to look. Fact is many people love this stuff.
  9. Forensic Architecture Says It Has Found Bullet Linking Whitney Vice Chair to Violence in Gaza, Withdraws from Biennial” by Zachary SmallWe got this tip, and it proved to be one of the tipping points for those who were not happy with someone associated with tear gas and bullets on the board of the prestigious New York museum. Forensic Architecture is proving that contemporary art doesn’t have to be what you think it is.
  10. Male Nudes, Exposed and Examined” by Edward M. GómezThis artist created nudes that appear to have captured people’s imagination. Though Gómez’s lede was also particularly enticing: “Pity the poor penis in modern art.” Hilarious.