Guerrilla Girls, “Wealth Power” postcard (all images courtesy of Art on a Postcard and Paddle8)

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, Art on a Postcard will host its first auction of all women artists, to raise funds to help eliminate Hepatitis C in women’s prisons. The items come from artists who have “transformed stereotypes and made a significant impact on society and culture,” the organization said in a statement. The auction will run from February 27 through March 11. 

Medina Dugger, “Veil in Daffodil” postcard

Although Art on a Postcard typically keeps its list of artists a surprise until the auction has ended, for this event, they have announced that artworks from Harmony Hammond, Caroline Coon, Genieve Figgis, Anne Tallentire, Ellen Gronemeyer, Celia Hempton, Katherine Bernhardt, Vanessa Jackson, Orkideh Torabi, Yulia Iosilzon, Helen Johnson, and Guerrilla Girls will be available at auction. More artists may be announced closer to the auction dates. Interested buyers can bid on postcard-sized works starting at £50 (~$65) on Paddle8’s website

Caroline Coon, “Miniture Sketch for Painting ‘Rugged Defence Play’” postcard

The feminist themes featured on the postcards range from subtle to overt. Caroline Coon’s entry features a lively soccer scene rendered from the Women’s World Cup. Medina Dugger’s artful collage features a woman wearing a bright yellow veil against the backdrop of blue and turquoise, creating an eye-catching effect. Other entries aren’t necessarily overtly feminist in nature, like Sarah Morris’ set of 4 postcards that follow the changing seasons’ effect on a hand-drawn tree, or Anne Tallentire’s minimalist arrangement of orange, grey and purple lines.

Harmony Hammond, “Tiny Bleeding Grommetype” postcard

Since its first event in 2014, Art on a Postcard has fundraised for efforts to eradicate Hepatitis C in the United Kingdom by 2025. Its partner organization, the Hepatitis C Trust, is focusing on treating women prison populations first, citing research that providing care for women patients will have “a greater impact on their local communities and subsequently society as a whole.” The organization works on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in its efforts to end the disease. Art on a Postcard is also partnering with AllBright, a members’ club for working women, for the auction and to host a day-long event featuring some of the artists including Caroline Coon and Vanessa Jackson on March 2.

Siona Benjamin, “Passport photo from another era” postcard

Geneive Figgis, “Mascara” postcard

Anne Tallentire, “Thinking Living Space” postcard

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