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This week, Godard’s anti-imperialism, in defense of “bad” curating, an inexplicable statue, criminalizing culture wars, and more.

Coco Picard

Coco Picard is a cartoonist, writer, and curator based out of New Mexico. Her first graphic novel, The Chronicles of Fortune, was published by Radiator Comics...

One reply on “Tracing the Life of New Age Painter Agnes Pelton”

  1. I saw her exhibition in Santa Fe this past winter and it was a stunner! I enjoyed the biographic detail of this article, but the illustrated “comics” depiction and text left me frustrated and deprives those new to Pelton’s work the simultaneous experience of seeing actual images of her, her colleagues and geographic locations, and her remarkable work. Plus, there are occasional typos like “John Martin” instead of John Marin; “Raymond” instead of Raymond Jonson.

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