Miller ICA Presents No Tutorial, Carnegie Mellon University School of Art’s Senior Exhibition

An online exhibition captures the ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance of CMU art students during an unprecedented moment in our history.

Samples of work by graduating seniors featured in No Tutorial (image courtesy Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art)

No Tutorial, presented by the Miller Institute for Contemporary Art, reflects upon our current situation in the midst of a global pandemic, shines a critical light on societal shortcomings, and imagines new futures in a post-pandemic world. The exhibition, now on view at notutorial.art, presents final projects by graduating students at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. Quickly adapting to a new remote reality without access to materials, equipment, and facilities, students in this exhibition demonstrate their ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance at a time when there simply is no tutorial.

Imagined and self-curated by students, No Tutorial brings together projects by 41 seniors, drawing distinct parallels between seemingly divergent bodies of work. Exhibition visitors can browse works by a series of categories covering themes, materials, and descriptions, or they can take a deep dive into each individual artist’s work. Taking advantage of this digital format, the exhibition imagines a new way of presenting art online where presentation is not limited by immovable gallery walls. No Tutorial is a testament to the talent, energy, humor, and originality of CMU School of Art’s graduating class at an incommensurable moment in our history.

To view the exhibition, visit notutorial.art.