Parsons School of Design at the New School is pleased to launch the 2020 MFA Fine Arts Thesis website as a lead-up to Logics of Non-Exchange, the in-person thesis exhibition to be curated by Stamatina Gregory. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Logics of Non-Exchange has been temporarily postponed and will take place in New York as soon as we are able to return to campus safely.

Until then, this online platform presents the art of our 20 graduating students working across media, methods, and materials. We invite you to view work by the following outstanding emerging artists: Collyn Ahrens Aubrey, Kaeten Bonli, Paloma Rosenzweig Castillo, Rhea Jingrou Cheng, Lydia Crouse, Caroline Garcia, John Holland, Luna Jiang, Sidi He, Java Jones, Tania Khouri, Josephine Lee, Rae Lavande Pellerin, Laurel Richardson, Michael Rose, jess saldaña, Jie Shao, Kaili Smith, Coraline (Jingyan) Weng, and Snow Xuecan Ye.

These twenty artists provide a critical view of the shape of our world, exploring our highly mediated vision and the ways in which we negotiate, consume, and traffic in images. Their work makes tangible the brutal effect that digital economies have on bodies and cityscapes, throwing our traumas and erotics into sharp relief. These emerging artists explore gift economies, radical generosity, and the politics of individual and collective care. As a cohort, they remain at a distance — but their work remains as intimate as it is urgent.

View the work featured in this online exhibition at the 2020 MFA Fine Arts Thesis website.

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